1996 Chevrolet Impala SS 350 CID Chevy V8 from North America


Reliable, classic and pure muscle!!!


1. Power steering hose sprung a leak from rubbing in front of lower engine. Cost a lot to replace, but it won't happen again.

2. Rear of front seat cushions has moved forward, exposing cloth liner behind the leather. I understand this is common on most Impala SS's.

General Comments:

The two minor points above are far outweighed by the performance of the SS. This was the last 4 door muscle car built until Mercury came out with the Marauder in late 2002. And the Impala SS, with a stock 260 HP versus the Marauder's 300+ HP, will still out run a Marauder. There is a reason why the SS is nicknamed "The 4 Door Vette", it is very fast, and can easily be made faster. Replacing the air filter and programming the chip will gain 20-25 HP, add a new exhaust, and you are close to 300 HP. This car is a pleasure to drive, aftermarket parts are easy to find and inexpensive, and the SS is a classic that increases in value each year. Check out the NAISSO and ISSCA web sites, dedicated to the SS lover.

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Review Date: 14th June, 2003

1st Sep 2004, 19:13

Can I say how true your statements are about this car. I owned one and foolishly traded it for a new 2003 Mustang GT. Within 7 weeks of owning the Mustang, I realized that I made a terrible mistake. I traded in my Mustang for a beautiful Suburban LT, my family vehicle, but I was still missing something. As I am writing this to you now, I will be taking delivery on another 1996 Impala SS next week with only 40,000 miles on it. I solved this missing feeling. The Impala SS is medication for the mind and soul. It is the best car built. I'll keep my suburban for snow and long trips, but my Impala will be used to get rid of those "Having a bad day" feelings.



15th Mar 2006, 22:40

I love the Impala SS. The 1995-1996 models that is. The styling of the cars is so awesome. The 260 horse engine, is, I believe, underrated. I say this because I raced my buddy's SS with my 1990 5 speed Ford Thunderbird Super Coupe (215 hp, 315 lb. ft.), and was promptly owned by the Impala. I just purchased a 2000 Grand Prix GTP 4 door sedan, and although I like the looks of the Impala better, my GTP is quite a bit quicker than my buddy's SS. I would have bought an Impala, but they demand a pretty high resale value if they are low mileage. I would someday like to own an Impala SS, but until then,I'll enjoy my GTP, I guess. I am extremely envious of Impala owners.

1996 Chevrolet Impala SS 5.7 Gasoline from North America


Best car I have ever owned


Transmission went out at 97,000 miles due to really hard driving on my part.

The Air Injection pump (emissions related) went out at 90,000.

The EGR valve went out (Recall - dealer fixed free of charge).

Tires are rather expensive, and don't last long.

Other than those things, all normal maintenance.

General Comments:

Excellent reliable car. More than enough performance (0-60 mph in under 7 seconds) required for a car of this size. For a car this large, it is extremely agile, and is more than a joy to drive. I have taken this on many cross-country trips, and have felt virtually no fatigue as compared to my previous vehicles on a trip of the same matter. Gas mileage is excellent for this 2-ton beast (18 city, 28-32 highway), especially considering the Corvette-derived LT1 engine. Hands-down, this is the absolute best car I have ever owned, and I never plan to sell it.

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Review Date: 19th February, 2003

7th Sep 2004, 22:58

I also have a '96 impala, but my gas mileage isn't nearly as good as yours, I'm getting about 11 mpg. also my gas gauge constantly moves. why is there the difference on my car and yours?

15th Oct 2004, 09:51

Chevrolet's (I'm not sure if it is all GM models) are notorious with the gas gauge moving around 1/4 or less tank. I have a 1995 Chevrolet Tahoe and my gas gauge moves too. Along with my friends 1996 Monte Carlo. That's a chevy thing, expect it with any Chevy you buy. I'm not sure about older Chevys, but around the '94-'96 models, expect it.

21st Apr 2006, 08:35

28mpg I can believe, but 32mpg is just a load of rubbish. My L99 Caprice with 2:73 rear gears that I drive VERY easy wouldn't even get 32mpg, let alone a stock LT1 Impala with a 3:08 rear gear ratio.