1996 Chevrolet Impala Super Sport 5.7 from North America


A real super sport legend


Battery went dead after four years of very tough work.

Heater fan went down, but it got fixed under the warranty.

General Comments:

The best car you can possibly get for your money. Very fast and comfy. Eats any Mustang that tries to race it. The best car ever period.

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Review Date: 23rd October, 2000

14th Oct 2004, 09:30

1996 Chevy Impala was made to smoke mustangs and any other car that comes across it. It's a fast and good looking car. It keeps me goin and has not let me down since the day that i bought it.

10th Feb 2007, 09:52

To the poster above.

While I respect and understand your point of view, it is clear to me that you are limited by your lack of technical knowledge about this vehicle. The B and D body vehicles date back to the Chevrolet Bel Air and had been improved upon for decades. Honda with their Civic and Toyota with their Corolla have done the same thing in keeping a platform for years and constantly improving upon it. This is what makes cars reliable - time and effort put into their engineering. The body on frame Impalas and Caprices are as reliable as the day is long because of the chassis/body configuration's inherrent advantages. That alone makes the car better than 90% of vehicles going. Unfortunately GM made a poor decision and cancelled this platform, leaving the Ford Crown Victoria line of cars the only remaining body on frame platform available as a new car. I am very financially secure. I could afford a car such as a BMW or Mercedes, but won't waste the money because their unibody platforms and weak structural integrity makes them a real laughing stock in the quality department. That's why I drive a Lincoln Town Car.

However, the Impala had something the Crown Victoria does not (or at least no longer) have. A small block OHV V8 engine (the Crown Vic is overhead cam). The small block V8s are the most reliable powertrains ever made. They are cheap to fix... and cheap to modify. Relatively inexpensive modifications are easily made the these cars, and yes, can make them faster than than just about anything (including Dodge Vipers) at the racetrack. I highly doubt you would still be of your opinion if you gave this some detailed attention.