3rd Jun 2007, 08:34

Response to the above poster, I never mentioned reliability in my comment nor did I say they are not capable of being fast cars. You are comparing apples to oranges my friend, how fast a car is stock and what it can built to run are two totally unrelated things. If you bother to research that you will find that anything on the road can run into the 10sec range with engine swaps, and proper modifications.

My comment simply said that these cars in STOCK configuration are NOT faster then mustangs and the like as the first poster would like us to believe. Research the 1/4 mile times and see for yourself.

This is my opinion still as while I might not be technically familiar with the history of the B and D body cars and their reliability virtues I will stick with my "not per say mine" 3rd gen camaros/firebirds, Fox body mustangs, 300zx, 3000gt and Supra's as affordable fast and great handling sports cars requiring only a small investment to improve their performance.

3rd Jun 2007, 16:50

9:52 as a Viper owner I am somewhat curious about your track comments or are we just being a slight bit overzealous with our comments? How did you overcome the aerodynamic issues for starters at 190 mph plus/ remaining street legal as well, then address your race inspired frame superior to a Vipers for openers?

8th Mar 2008, 18:14

One cries for a stock to stock comparison when easy, minor modifications make the other car run faster than your own. There is no limit to the cylinder head, camshaft, intake, and exhaust configurations for the Chevrolet small block.

F Body powertrains are identical the 1996 Impala. With the exception these and of the 302 Mustangs, none of the cars engines' performance can be improved upon without costly superchargers/turbochargers that start at $5,000. They also do not handle well. Small block V8 engines will eternally reign supreme as simplistically effective; producing more power than competing designs for far less money.

4th Aug 2008, 22:41

Just to make things clear to the above poster, Camaro and firebird commonly known as F body has aluminum heads and B body like caprice, Impala SS, Buick roadmaster or Caddy Fleetwood has cast iron heads, but they sure share the fabulous 5.7 LT1 engines that no Ford or Chrysler, modified or not, can't beat the durability, reliability and confidence you can get from these engines.. There are no match!, Many police forces are regretting these engines since GM killed it after 1996 model year for the B body and 1997 for F body (1998-2002 are LS1). Ford and Chrysler has good engines but not as good and reliable, cheap to fix or modify than a SBC. Just ask police officers, limousine services owners, taxi drivers what engines they would like in their cars?..Good chances that most of them will say Small Block Chevrolet please 305 or 350! and Ford 5.0 second, Ford 4.6 in third, sorry but no Chrysler!