2002 Chevrolet Impala LS 3.4 litre V6 from North America


Poorly built car


Rear exterior door handles both broke off.

CD player skips.

Computer needed to be replaced.

Warning lights come on sporadically, and some will not shut off, even though there is no problem.

LED light for clock has a short in it, turns on and off sporadically.

Catalytic converter went bad. This was a known problem and I was told by Chevrolet that the repair would be fully reimbursed. It was NOT.

Several trim items (ashtray, moulding, glove box, etc.) have come loose or have broken off.

Brakes needed to be replaced after only 20,000 miles due to cheap Chinese steel.

General Comments:

I love the ride and handling of this car. It is very comfortable, even on very long trips. The interior is very roomy, even for rear seat passengers. There is tons of space in the trunk.

However, it does not hold the road well in wet or snowy conditions. Even after meticulous maintenance, there have been many, many mechanical problems with this car. The cosmetic issues I have had are not due to any type of abuse or over-use.

My experience has been that this is a very poorly built automobile, and as a result has been unusually expensive to maintain. I would not consider purchasing one in the future.

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Review Date: 7th November, 2009

2002 Chevrolet Impala Base + Options 3.4L from North America




Please note, the car has been fully maintained with oil every 3K, trans fluid regularly, brake pads and rotors, etc.

First thing that failed was the intake gasket at ~60K miles, and we had to have an $800 repair done. We then joined the class action lawsuit against GM and only got $200 back.

At 88K miles the steering developed a clunking noise during acceleration, TSB out for this problem, needed new half shafts. Cost $1200 regardless of the TSB.

93K miles, the dash bulbs started to burn out. (The drivers door lock switch lamp, and the passenger side climate control switch lamp have both gone out.) Dealer says it'll be $80 to replace the lock switch, and $220 to replace the climate control unit. I declined.

93K miles, the car started shuddering during take off, even though I had the fluid flushed at 60K miles. I ignored it until 101K miles.

96K miles, during a routine oil change I discovered oil leakage from the engine. Terrible engineering. Ignoring.

97.5K miles, the check engine light came on, got it diagnosed ($100) and repaired ($400), was a bad fuel canister vent valve solenoid. Caused the cars idle to sway up and down, and to sputter at stops. Very embarrassing.

101K miles, had the transmission flushed again even though it wasn't due for another 20K miles.

102K miles, the transmission began shifting harsh. Dealership quoted me $1600 to replace one damn solenoid right behind the bottom cover. I declined. They also said I needed rear brakes, so I took the car to a local Acura dealer and they said the brakes were fine and still had 75% wear life left.

103K miles, the car started to knock during warm-up. Was told it could be a cracked exhaust manifold or a malfunctioning lifter. Dealer quoted $2100. I laughed.

104K miles, the knock is solid at this point and doesn't go away until I put premium fuel in the car.

105K miles, the fuel pump ceased to function, $330.

105.5K miles, check engine light came back on for the same vent valve issue. Another $100 to diagnose. Ignored.

106K miles, the rear drivers side passenger door window stopped functioning, had the regulator replaced for $410.

107K miles, the catalytic converter had to be replaced, it was a TSB and it fixed the bad smell coming from the car. Free.

107.5K miles, the alternator died, $290.

108K miles, the front right wheel bearing had to be replaced along with the warped front rotors that were only 17K miles old. $1100.

108.5K miles, the MAF (Mass Airflow Sensor) was replaced as the car kept stalling in traffic. $350.

109K miles, the ABS light came on. Ignored.

110K miles the car would only go into drive intermittently, so I bought a 1995 Toyota Camry XLE V6 for $1400 with 130K miles on it and it runs perfectly. No problems even after I put on another 45K miles in the next 8 months.

Who wants to buy my Impala?

General Comments:

Not very quick, even though it sucks fuel.

The brakes wear out like a sports cars, quickly.

The steering feels detached, unresponsive, and the car has massive amounts of body roll.

Due to the extremely cushy ride, it's very comfortable for long trips... if it will make it there.

Lot's of creaks, rattles, and metallic sounds developed during the car's working life.

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Review Date: 5th November, 2009

6th Nov 2009, 14:33

You are probably better off with an old Camry.