2017 Chevrolet Impala LT 3.6 from North America


The Impala reborn for greatness!


Check engine light came on and the purge valve solenoid was bad. It was replaced under warranty.

General Comments:

I was in the market for a newer car, so after a couple of weeks of searching, I had my eyes set on the Impala for a few main reasons: price, cool styling, large size, and value for what you get out of this car.

I'm not easily impressed by things, and honestly, I've been wary about GM cars for a long time, but in the last few years, they have seriously upped their game and this Impala is proof of it.

I purchased this car lightly used, with low miles, so the car is pretty much new.

One major plus about the car is the massive interior and interior quality; sure the interior has plastic, but the plastic is very sturdy to touch, and not flimsy like other cars in this class. The car feels upscale, and more like a BMW than a Chevy. The stitching on the dash and door panels with aluminum inserts are a nice touch compared to the majority of midsize cars in the lineup. I drive for Uber and Lyft, and many riders have complimented the car on numerous occasions saying things like "Wow, I had no idea this was an Impala, it looks and feels much nicer than I expected".

Also the seats are nice, a little too firm at times, but they have great thigh support which is a plus for tall drivers and passengers.

So in a sense, the Impala of this generation is borderline luxury, it's nothing like the Impalas of the past whatsoever, this is an entirely new platform that was designed in Germany, the Epilsion II which is shared with the Caddy XTS and Buick Lacross. I have the LT model which comes with the 8 inch touch screen and Apple Carplay, Android Auto, and other nice features.

The car feels weighty and solid to drive; you don't get that tin can feel as the ride quality benefits from it.

Although I have 18-inch wheels on it, and the tires are only a 50 series, the car rides very good for the most part, and the car is also very very quiet to drive, with absolutely no squeaks or rattles.

Living in CA, in San Diego County we have extremely bad roads and freeways that are in horrible crumbling conditions, so ride quality is important to me. Out of all the cars I test drove in the mid-size car segment, the Impala had the most stable, quiet, comfortable ride for the price. The Impala drives nicely for the most part, but on the really rough and coarse pavement, the ride does get a little choppy and rough. I mean I don't know what else could ride smoother unless someone steps up to like an E-class Benz or Chrysler 300.

One issue that I have with the majority of FWD cars, is the lack of wheel travel and front strut suspension. This type of suspension doesn't allow for much wheel movement like a short arm, long arm suspension you see on RWD vehicles, so the ride quality is bouncy and jarring on bad streets.

Overall the car is awesome, it has great power from the 3.6 V6 engine, the car doesn't have that jackrabbit punch when you hit the pedal, the power is more seamless and smooth like a premium car should be. One problem that I don't like is that sometimes the transmission can be funky, it has a slight delay and lag when it upshifts, it's a little slow to respond, but other than that, the powertrain is amazingly smooth and silent.

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Review Date: 20th August, 2017

23rd Aug 2017, 22:10

Almost anything is nicer than a 90s GM interior, so I suppose I can see this feeling nice next to a Fleetwood. Otherwise, it's hard to call it anything more than average.

24th Aug 2017, 16:22

True, but nothing rides as smooth and steady like the Fleetwood. Certain GM interiors were pretty bad in the 90s, but I really miss the sheeny thickly padded vinyl on some of them like the early to mid 90s Toyota Camrys, which were nice and sturdy. Now days, most car interiors are matted and lack any sheen whatsoever. The sheen added a richness and luster that newer cars can't match. Some of the plastics are actually worse in quality in a car built in the last several years compared to 90s imports; the door panel plastics are one area for example.

24th Aug 2017, 16:33

The Impala is much more than just being "average". This car has a lot of value going for it; I believe the impala is heavily under priced and under valued in the mid-size car market. You get a lot of car for your money with tech features that surpass most brands.

These are great cars. The previous gen Impala was a joke; you can tell GM really put a ton of effort into this gen for sure. It's a night and day difference. Just like the 17 Malibu, which is another awesome car.