22nd Oct 2009, 12:09

I think both the 2000+ Impala and the 2006+ Impala, even the base models, are beautiful, powerful, smooth-riding, reliable, and VERY nicely equipped vehicles, even at the base levels. My only gripe would be a few aspects of the 2000-2005 Impala interiors (i.e. the center console), which seemed somewhat cheaply designed and made, but they got the job done nevertheless.

22nd Apr 2010, 11:24

I have to agree with the original reviewer. I had one as a rental while my 2005 Honda Civic was in the shop (classic hit and run while I was in a mall), and I have to say I was not at all impressed with it. While it handled highway driving very well (felt solid at high speeds), I found the acceleration to be very slow and the interior rather uninspiring. I also cannot say I really liked the styling of the exterior.

I do have to say one very positive thing about the car. It is very safe. While stopped at a stoplight in the middle of a winter storm, a guy driving a Hyundai Accent slid from behind me and slammed into the back of the Impala I was driving. The damage? Cosmetic bumper damage on the Impala. His Accent front end was crushed. His car was likely a write off. I have to say I was impressed by the car on that occasion.

24th Nov 2010, 23:22

I love this car. I do not agree with the others. I drive my Impala every day and it rides very smooth.

29th Dec 2010, 12:59

I have this Impala 2007 LT, 3.5L.

Although very comfortable and powerful, I have to admit that this car lacks some good finishing.

4 frustrating issues I had to face:

1. From day 1, I had this tire pressure light showing, and the sales rep didn't even know what this light was about. He had to take it back to the shop for 2 days, thinking that it was a terrible manufacturing problem.

2. When I first took it through a car wash, the trunk was leaking, and a big chunk of water spilled in it, as if it had been dumped in a swimming pool.

When I reported this issue, the service rep tried to convince me that this was normal, as the pressure in the car wash was high, and this car was only proof for rain water. I had to call the GM head quarters in order to get them check the rubber that is on the trunk door, and re fix it. The problem has now been fixed, but my dealer kept the car for the whole day!

3. The seat cushion was loose, as well as the head rest on both the driver's and passenger's sides. Whenever I brought it in for one, the tech would not fix all of it until I ended up going there 3 times for the same issue.

4. Whenever there is a tire rotation, the computer loses track of the tire's position, and start displaying front tires, when actually it means the rear tires. So you'd go on and fill the air into the front tire, but the DC will indicate that filling for the rear tire.

This brought me back again to the dealer, but I was astonished to learn that they would charge me to adjust this.

I ended up doing some research, and got to know how to match every tire code to its position.

Too much disappointment, but much of it was originating from the dealer's service manager, who appeared too incompetent, too arrogant and useless. Of course this transcended to the service advisers.

30th Dec 2010, 09:41

I rented a new one last weekend; it was great. Put 1100 miles on it in bad cold weather. Nice car!

15th Jul 2011, 20:48

I agree with the Taurus/Impala comparison. When Ford discontinued the 2000-2007 models, the new Taurus from 2008-09, and now 2010-11, bear no resemblance to the previous models. The car is now upscale, and not produced in as great of quantity for fleet sales. Although I'm sure GM never planned it, the 2006-11 Impala stepped right into the old Taurus' market. Both cars are ubiquitous, with vast numbers on the road. The Impala even looks like a descendant of the Taurus. Both the exterior and interior dimensions are roughly the same. The Impala does sit higher off the ground, and has a more powerful base engine, and is superior technically to the old Taurus. But the two companies more or less swapped the mass volume fleet sales market, with two very similar cars.