6th Feb 2017, 00:59

"Do your research to support your doubt"?

What does this even mean? And what does the value of '57 Chevy Nomads have to do with a claim that auto manufacturers are deliberately making cars LESS reliable so they can make more money on repairs?

6th Feb 2017, 05:27

My last comment was not in reply to anything about car pricing.

6th Feb 2017, 18:25

I do not understand 4:43's comment.

7th Feb 2017, 11:41

I love to know what 4:43 and 00:59 actually drive. They do not seem to enjoy driving I love all my cars. All kept in mint condition. Even my older cars can be driven extensive distances without hesitation. If you cannot do so, keep buying all brand new cars very often with a new car warranty. My uncle never pays a car off and every few years buys another. To him he has piece of mind. He does not want to buy other people's troubles. Even if nearly new.

I buy-new as well as investment vehicles. But detest car loans. Money does play into comments by the way. It's inevitable. Or no one would gripe about repairs. Many of us do not really need cars. Public transportation by train or bus is a short walk away. I often use Uber vs getting hit with a DUI.

7th Feb 2017, 19:08

Wow! How many vehicles do you own?

8th Feb 2017, 17:57

I am low key on my comments lately. One comment I will make is that if you have some prized vehicles, to also consider an auto concierge storage facility. They are the result of very hard work and personal pride of ownership. Even if you have one car, be proud of what you an opportunity to enjoy.

9th May 2018, 18:20

My first car was '77 Impala station wagon. I loved that car and unfortunately, I sold it when I was 21. I've been looking for another one since. Do you have any idea where I can look?

10th May 2018, 11:57

Google first all of a very specific model you are seeking for sale. Then eBay. CraigList is a real long shot on this body, but try. Be prepared to travel. Then decide if you want to drive it back or ship. You can find cars in very interesting ways. Word of mouth with local car owners you know. Lately I hear of cars that the owner passed and children are selling. This one will take some diligence. I searched and looked all over for a specific optioned Corvette. Drove hours looking out of state. Some were in need of extensive repair. In the end I found a nice one less than 10 miles from my home. That’s how it works sometimes.

10th May 2018, 15:14

E-bay motors, carsforsale.com, or just do a Google search. Might not find the right one right away, but you can also look for a '78 or '79 seeing how they were pretty much the same. My advice, find one with a 350 motor.