3rd Aug 2006, 18:14

We bought our 2000 Impala in 2002 with 16,000 miles on it. Before we even let the dealership with it I wanted the knocking in the steering fixed and the urine smell from the A/C fixed. They greased the steering shaft and cleaned out the A/C and we were on our way. Within a few months I could feel knocking in the steering again so I took the car back to the dealership. They lubed the shaft again only for the problem to return. I brought the car back in and they replaced the shaft. About a year later the knocking feeling returned and I talked to a dealership I trusted and was told it will be an on going problem and is common; it has to do with the shape of the shaft. It’s metal on metal and I was told it won’t fail so I have learned to live with it. About 6 months ago the dashboard lights, console, and all the lights by A/C switch have gone out. It doesn’t seem to be a fuse, hooked up an auto scanner (free rental from Auto Zone) and nothing popped up. The car now has 75 some thousand miles on it and has been pretty good to us, any comments about the lights not working would be great.

28th Dec 2006, 09:00

I have a 2001 Impala that has 182k miles on it. I put about 100 miles a day on this car driving to & from work. So far this car has been dependable. I run synthetic oil & tranny fluid always. The gas mileage, however, could be better (I get around 27 mpg on the highway with the 2.4L engine).

I also had the same problem with the Check Engine light coming on at about 70k miles. The diagnostics reported a faulty EGR vale. I had a local mechanic replace the EGR valve ($185.00). Approximately a week after a mechanic replaced the EGR valve, the Check Engine light came on again. The mechanic replaced that EGR valve with another, same thing. The mechanic that I took it to knew that there was no way that both EGR valves would be bad so he disassembled the valve. He found out that the tolerances were so tight inside the valve that the piston in the EGR valve would start to expand from the temperature of the exhaust gases, the body of the EGR valve having more surface area & subjected to cool air flowing around it would not expand as rapidly. This caused the piston to catch on the inside of the valve body.

So he took some emery cloth & polished the inside of the valve body to give the piston more clearance & reassembled the EGR valve. So far it has worked correctly since.

Mine is also having the intermittent air bag light problem. I will try reseating the wires under the seat.

The ignition switch intermittently will not work correctly. Sometimes I will have to turn the switch on & off a number of times before the starter will engage. I have seen this documented on a number of websites.

The turn signals will fail to work intermittently. I found out that GM ran the power wires for the turn signals through the emergency flasher switch. This can be remedied by turning the emergency flashers on, then off. However, turning on your emergency flashers is not a very safe thing to do while driving in congested city traffic at speed. This could have been averted, if GM would have spent another 50 cents on a higher quality flasher switch.

The cabin noise is on the high side. The seats are comfortable.

I traded in my '89 Pontiac Bonnevile (3.8L V6, 32 mpg) that had 289k miles on it for this Impala. I should have kept the Bonneville.

I will probably buy another GM car, but not another Impala.

24th Jul 2007, 09:48

I own a 2000 Impala, I bought the car new in Sept. 1999. I loved the car the minute I drove off the lot. Within 3 days the steering began to click and the steering wheel will turn, but not the wheels, (what a fright)!! I returned the car to the dealer and they said they had to replace the entire steering system. Well needless to say I did not want that 3 day old car with a major safety problem of that nature. After FIRM conversation the dealer replaced the car with an exact duplicate. Within months the 2nd car began the clicking when turning, the dealer said the the suspension was "dry" and needed lubrication and tightening, so whatever they did it worked. Since then in 2002 the manifold gasket leaked anti-freeze, in 2003 radio started smoking and burned out, also battery went dead (prematurely) and drivers power window cable snapped. Fortunately all was cover by warranty except for the battery. But now 2006-07 I Still own the car, I guess I am a glutton for punishment, 2nd replacement battery in May 2007, turn signals work when the want too and yes pushing the hazard button works, and now my air bag light remain on, not to mention the windshield leaks badly on passengers side during heavy downpours leaving a puddle. And lastly whenever it feels like it, more often than not the car idles very fast when in park and in drive if anyone has any thoughts or remedies for this it will be appreciated. In closing as far as ride, handling, roominess and trunk space the car great, but the intermittent and consistent problems I could definitely live without.

2nd Aug 2007, 00:36

Your car sounds exactly like mine!

23rd Aug 2007, 08:48

I recently purchased a 2005 Chevy Impala, last week to be exact. The first few days I noticed a faint smell through the air conditioning. I first thought it was coming from out side. Then yesterday I took the car for a drive on the high way, the check engine light came on. Now today makes a full week. I bought the car to the dealer at 7:30 this morning, and the guy tells me I have to leave the car with them today, because it could be anything from a serious problem to a gas cap. After hearing all these comments about the chevy models, I have a right mind to go and tell them give me my money back. My last to cars had engine problems, but they were old and paid for. But to finance a car monthly and have break downs is not acceptable. I do have a warranty package, but I should not be facing repairs this soon. I'm am going to try to get in another vehicle.

24th Aug 2007, 10:31

Our 2000 Impala was purchased in the fall of '99, new. It has never left us stranded; however it has had many problems. The steering has always made a grinding noise, the transmission was replaced at 100k, it eats front brake rotors, and now after starting the car it may take five minutes for the A/C, radio and other features to work.

I would like to continue buying American cars, but this car makes it a hard sell.

24th Aug 2007, 15:42

I own a 2003 Impala, bought new. I found this thread while researching coolant leak problems. My car is right now having an engine gasket replaced and an air conditioning line replaced, having just lost all of it's freon. The dealer did not mention to me that lots of GM engines seem to have the coolant gasket problem (judging by the stuff I've just been reading in a google search). My dealer has done all service on the car as scheduled/needed. My dealer tells me my bill will be approx $1300 (US). The car has been a pleasure to drive, but as for this kind of major repair in a relatively new vehicle??? NOT SURE I WANT TO BUY ANOTHER GM CAR... My 1999 Ford Explorer has had its own issues... never bought a "foreign" car before, but I am pretty disgusted today...