25th Nov 2007, 15:49

I really wish that GM Would actually look at this page, because everything that I have seen on here is dead on!

I bought a used '00 Impala LS at 144K on October 17th. And the next day I had problems! First off, my fuel gage was going wacky. When I got the car, it said I had a full tank a gas. I was extremely happy, because you rarely buy cars with full tanks these days, but I was wrong. The fuel level sensor was broken and it was reading full, when it was really empty. So needless to say, the damn thing stopped on me in the middle of nowhere and I had to wait for AAA To come. The next day, I took it to the dealer and they told me it was the fuel level sensor that needed to be replaced. That was an extremely costly bill of 800 bucks, not to mention they kept my car for two days.

After that, as soon as I came to the first turn out of the dealership, I noticed that my flashers did not work! I was extremely disappointed, so I took it back. And they said the the hazard light fixture or something like that didn't work. That is when I said that, they just need to fix the problem and give me a full diagnostic on the car.

The fixed the flashers in about 3 hours, and that cost me another 300 bucks, but more bad news was soon to follow. They told me the manifold gasket was leaking antifreeze and needed to be fixed. They told me it wasn't a huge problem, but needed to get fixed before the harsh winter came. I asked them how much that would cost and they told me around another 800-900 bucks. and I was like WOW! How about not. I got it fixed in a regular auto shop, but the bad part is that it took them an entire week to do it. Needless to say, I drove my car about 4 days out of the first two weeks.

Now it is 11/26 and I am still having problems. The flashers still work when they want too, I have heard a large thumb in the cargo area as well, and also just today my airbag light came on, so that is how I found this site. So I will try the yellow wire thing under the driver seat. And also I hear the clicking when I turn the wheel. I love my impala to death! I am only 19, so this is my second vehicle. My first one was a '95 Buick century and that car gave me hell! So I found that that my Impala LS was extremely stylish to be almost 8 years old. Very comfortable and had a large amount of room, and extremely good features. It has a smooth ride and everything about it is just excellent. I really wish that GM would thoroughly evaluate their vehicles before sending them off to be sold. I can honestly say that IMPALAS are wonderful cars! It is just the company that makes them that has the issues. It's kind of like a very bright kid, with the crappy parents that lets him do whatever he pleases, thus resulting in bad actions.

So far it looks like I'm going to keep my car. If I have any future problems I'll let you guys know!

26th Feb 2008, 07:54

Hello Everyone!

I don't want to burst anyone's bubble, but I have a 2000 Impala. This car has been from the south in Louisiana to Washington D.C. to Arizona. Had very minimal problems. None of the above problems described. I do all my own repairs. I've been a mechanic as long as I been walking. So nothing goes to a dealer. If I can help it. But this problem I now have is driving me nuts. The car never seen a dealership. Get this though. The car has 125,000 plus miles still gets 30 plus mpg. Now when the car starts and let idle for approx 30-45 sec it starts to idle rough and start to stall like starving for fuel. Sometimes it kills, but starts right up. Runs fine after that. Sometimes you let it sit for a couple of hours. and it stumbles after start up, tap on the accelerator and away she runs. I'm suspicious that it might be the fuel pressure regulator. Did a self check and found it to be working, no codes at all. No other problems at all. Sounds it might be fuel problems? You can hear the fuel pump (tank) pressure up. Have to listen good, but you can hear it. Any suggestions what this can be.


26th Feb 2008, 09:13

Could be a coil pack. I had a park avenue that started to idle rough out of the blue. I had a bad coil pack which had looked the same since I had it one of the post was kinda brown, but I never bothered with it. I clogged up the erg valve which made the check engine light come on. but once I changed it the light went off later that night and it stop idling rough, but not before I went to the dealership and they charged me $110 and told me I needed $430 dollars to fix a 'shorted' erg valve. The coil pack on cost me $20 dollars. My car had around 125,000 miles when this happened.

7th Mar 2008, 22:11

I also have a 2000 Impala, and almost all of the problems listed above, I have had.

The steering noise, it was caused by the intermediate shaft, I put a new one in, but I believe by just tightening the clamps on the shaft that the noise would have been corrected.

The brake rotors need to be turned every 7000 to 12000 miles.

Gas gauge sometimes full and sometimes 1/4, or wherever it wants to be.

Radio has very poor reception when away from the station.

Check engine soon light comes on for a day or so, then goes out for a week or maybe a month.

Air bag light came on, took it to the dealer, was told the left side air bag needed to be replaced, but when I took the car home, no light, so didn't fix. Lasted about 6 months, came back on, cost about $500 to fix?

Funny thing though,we like the car, couldn't get mush satisfaction from GM. So we just live with most problems.

24th Mar 2008, 11:41

Are you loosing antifreeze from your gasket leak, because if you are its probably the intake manifold. If you don't get that fixed it could hydro-lock your engine or you end up needing a new engine.

13th Apr 2008, 12:22

I purchased the 2000 Chev Impala in Feb 2000. I had a intake gasket and water pump replaced, and the usual brakes pads and tune ups. I change my own oil every 5500 hundred miles and replace the plug wires and front 3 plugs as I don't have the tools to get the back 3. I take the car to the shop and for $30.00 they install the back plugs. That's it for repairs.

I am retired and travel I have 220,000 miles on the car. We just got back from Florida and got an average 30 mpg. Do I drive slow to get the mileage? I always drive 7 to 8 miles over the speed limit or with the traffic. I did get a warning in Georgia for going 75 mph in a 55 zone on Hy 255 by pass around Atlanta. Just going with the traffic.