17th Aug 2008, 15:23

The low tire pressure warning is triggered via the ABS sensors at the tires. It learns the relative tire speeds vs. vehicle speed (and in relation to each other) and the system illuminates the light whenever there is any sudden change. This could include putting on a new tire (or a set of tires). It could also indicate a malfunctioning ABS sensor or broken wire. The system can be reset through the radio, which doubles as the vehicle information interface. There is good information on this in your manual.

7th Nov 2008, 07:08

I have a 2003 Impala - and have had relatively good luck (compared to others). One situation that is driving me nuts right now is with the dashboard lights. The car has "night-time sensors" that trigger the headlights to turn on when it is dark. That works fine -- but the interior dashboard lights do not come on. Driving at night without being able to see anything on your dashboard is a bit tricky.

I've tried to use the "manual" light switch -- does nothing. Funny thing - every once-in-a-while...they come on. They actually work for a few days, then decide to go "dark" again.

Has anyone experienced this situation. Looking for some help before taking to the dealer. I'm sure that will be an expensive (and probably futile) trip.

18th Dec 2008, 17:12

Hi there! I purchased my 2000 Impala new in Florida. About 2 yrs ago I moved to New York. Power Steering is leaking heavy in the winter and not a drop in the summer; Anybody have a clue?

Also 2 weeks ago, check engine light came on for a day and then went off. Gas mileage is down about 50% (15-16mpg) since then. Had the code checked today and it read 'EGR valve'.

Does it have to be changed or is it something else?

Thanks for your help guys...

10th Feb 2009, 22:37

If you still have the original battery in a 2005 car, and now is 2009, it is a good idea to change out for a new battery anyway.

8th Nov 2009, 12:50

I also have the battery and SECURITY light flashing on my 2001 IMPALA. I am not sure the battery charges, so I just disconnect the terminal when I won't be driving for a while. When the car heats up, it seems possessed, and all the gauges start acting up. Here is a video.


Here it is once more:

25th Dec 2009, 19:52

Wow, just found this site. Searching for answers to problems with my 2002 Impala LS.

I found my Impala traded in as a one owner to my local Pontiac garage. It had 41,000 on it when I bought it a year and a half ago. The whole family loved the car. I have not owned an Impala since 73. I have been driving Cadillacs most of the time. I finally gave up on them. If it was a Cadillac problem, I encountered it. Climate control, radios, BCMs, head gaskets, ABS, heated windshield, paint! Lousy 4.1 motors, (several with cam problems plus loss of fluids etc. etc., Never again.

Now my nice red Impala. Two days out of dealership and directionals won’t work. Must replace flasher unit on dash. Yes you can change it from the front. It takes two small screwdrivers to hold in the tabs, and then the scary part is you actually break the old unit to get it out. Same as they do at the dealership. Takes 15 minutes to fix. Dealer gave me the part, reconnect the wire loom and snap it back in.

Well after my son took the car to school for the summer, other problems arose. He returned, I changed oil, and now the reset through the radio will not function. Cannot clear the change oil light even using the other methods described by others. The information center has not been accessible for over a year. Too bad, lots of stuff is set using that system.

This past summer the family took another trip, same as last year. Every weird electrical problem from flashing lights and dash lights to locks and headlights plagued the trip. Car would not start after a short restaurant stop. Needed to jump. The Delco battery eye would be black (low power) after driving. Then it would show green (fully charged) and it would not start. Drove it out west non-stop afraid to turn it off. No problems on the return trip. Got home, turned off car, went out, tried to start, DEAD! Cables tight, Delco eye green! Battery terminal fell out of battery still attached to strap. New battery seams to have solved things so far.

Well yes we have antifreeze seeping from the intake manifold. I will be going to the Cadillac dealer to buy GMs stop leak for aluminum engines. I used a lot of it with my Cadillacs.

Fixed the GM recall in time to prevent an engine fire from cables falling onto manifold.

Yesterday the low speed fan speeds just quit. High works of course. GM had this problem 20 years ago.

Now I need a blower motor resistor.

This last summer I did a complete brake and rotor replacement at 50,000 miles. Totally worn out.

New tires made a world of difference on ride. Found out the alignment was so out of whack that the alignment had to charge extra, because they had to drill new alignment holes. Did not know how nice it could feel and handle.

And last, the steering has the usual clicking sound. At least the dealer I bought it from told me it is not a safety problem but a design flaw.

I wish our car companies would get the message. We like our America cars. Just fix these problems once and for all. If you think GM has problems, Dodge or whoever owns them now, (Fiat) is much worse. Dodge couldn’t even find the place on the V-10 Dodge Ram air system to charge it. My Jeep Cherokee was a money pit. Just one car has been amazing. My 92 Camaro work car, (Paint still falls off) has 214,000 miles on it, only replaced an alternator and starter. Just one brake job and regular maintenance.

My wife and I really love the Impala, It now had 59,000 miles on it and I hope to drive it well past 200,000. If any one has had a problem accessing the data system on their Impala as detailed in the manual, tell me what solved the problem. Replace the expensive radio? I have the CD Cassette unit. Help!

16th Mar 2010, 15:16

I am blown away by all the negative comments about the 2000 Impala, because this has been my life for the last 4 years. I loved this car, but after the first year, I can't afford it anymore! And now we're stuck with a dead car that we still owe $5000 on (never shoulda refinanced!)

I'm not sure what the technical term is, but apparently the coolant has been leaking into the engine, so much so that the only fix now is to replace the engine. Our mechanic said it's not worth it -- trade it in now while it can still limp to a dealership. Only problem is, since we still owe so much on it, we don't qualify for another car loan. And I highly doubt we're going to get even $1000 for a trade. It's only got 99,000 miles on it! What to do, what to do?

The one thing I do know is, I'm never buying a Chevy again. Funny that our crappy old Saturn turned out to be the "reliable" car.