29th Jan 2001, 17:57

I also own one of these cars, and I know I'll never find another that runs this well.

Unfortunately, I was rear-ended last week and the insurance company wants to total it and give me a mere $700. I'm opting to keep it and restore it, but yeah, body parts are not easy to find.

12th Jan 2002, 19:17

I also have one of these 78"s and I love mine. Although performance could be better I do like it. Do you know where I can find parts for it?

16th Jul 2002, 15:20

I have a 1978 Impala that was originally my great grandmother and grandfathers. Through the years it has been handed down to me and to this day I am in love with it. It was my first car and since I have purchased a new car I find myself traveling around in the Impala. with only 77,000 original miles the engine is very solid and interior in "perfect" original condition. The next chore of mine to is restore the body. I am proud to say that there is no rust that goes through any panel. I have a fairly restoration job ahead of me and I look forward to working on the car I love. I will be the one who will not regret getting rid of their first car because I will never sell it.

11th Aug 2002, 13:27

I have a 78 impala four door I bought from an elderly woman for 250.00$ and it has been a great car other than a blown tranny of course I put another tranny in it and I still have it till this day.

16th Aug 2002, 12:00

All my life I've been a Chevy man. my true love is for the corvette, but for some reason I've had impala's all my life. a 62 impala which I wish I'd never sold and as of now and forever my blue and white 78. buy the way it's paid for and runs like new 24 years later. Oh yeah it's a 2 door.

12th Nov 2002, 22:13

I also owned a 78 Chev Impala. I bought it for $500.00 and after many dollars later, I finally sold it. I had the car restored to factory specs. Then I decided to put a 383 stroker into it. For a 5000lb car, it took to the motor real well. I had a lot of fun with it, until one day I went out to go tot work and the car was gone. The police found it one week later, with the motor and transmision gone. I bought the car back from my insurance company and put the original 350 back into it. Then 2 weeks after that it got hit on the street by a hit and run. I owned the car for 9 yrs, but figured I have had enough bad luck with it, so I sold it. That was the best car I have owned and some day I will buy another one and restore it with my son.

5th Feb 2003, 19:04

I"m 17 I bought a 78' last year right after my birthday, I still have the car, it's a four door sedan. My baby moves too everything was stock until I dropped in the new 350 I rebuilt (from a 76' impala). she runs on 330 horses, I also put in a four in the floor, she's not my dream car, but a great muscle car (sleeper).

18th May 2003, 20:40

Hi, I currently drive a 78 Impala 4 door. At first I didn't like it, but this car has really grown on me. Its got a 350 which is good enough to smoke most other cars on the road, but doesn't do too badly on gas either. These cars are tough too. I had a Thunderbird push in my left rear panel once, I popped it right out though while she lost a large chunk of her front bumper! This car is a breeze to work on and is reliable too. I do have a project for it this summer though... do away with the incredible shrinking vinyl top.

12th Jun 2003, 16:21

My grandparents gave me their 78 Impala five years ago. It's a 350ci four door police package, which my grandpa bought straight from the factory. When I heard that they were giving me the car, I wasn't too excited. During the one hour drive home, I fell in love with it. Its no race car, but it was faster than any other car I had driven at the time.

My dad and I tore off the old vinyl top and we had the car painted Nassau Blue Metallic. I also yanked off the wheel covers and polished and waxed the black police wheels. The exhaust consists of shorty headers that go into a 3in. Random Tech cat and then splits into dual Borla mufflers. The exhaust exits out a notch cut into the center of the rear bumper with two dual Borla tips (four tips). It looks and sounds most righteous.

At this moment the car is in the middle of an engine swap. I'm putting in a GM Performance Parts 350 with 330 hp and 380 ft/lbs of torque. That's up from stock 170 hp and 270 ft/lbs of torque.

The car holds about a million people. My girlfriend says it's "wicked bad". If you haven't figured it out yet, I love my car and I'm never getting rid of it.

29th Mar 2004, 16:39

Hello, I got a great 78 impala 2 Dr. it is a real looker, I took the a/c off so that I could dress up the engine. the only thing I can't figger out is is says it got a 305, but it has a four bar. carb. my impala might be big, but it goes like a sports car.

29th Mar 2004, 18:24

What do you find odd about a 305 with a four barrel carb?

Its pretty common to see.

6th Apr 2004, 20:11

The 305 4 bbl from what I know isn't a factory option on the 78 impala. I also own a 78 impala 2 door with a 305 4 bbl.

6th Apr 2004, 21:33

I just checked the owners manual of my 79 impala, your right a 305 came only with the 2 barrel stock, the 350 with the 4 barrel. I guess you engine or your carb and intake aren't original.

12th May 2004, 14:43

A boyhood friend who has done well financially recently gave his mother's 1978 Impala coupe. It is in near factory condition. He even had new tires, battery, belts and hoses, and a new radiator installed. Is that a friend, or what?

15th May 2004, 21:10

What a great website. My 1978 Impala has 78,000 original miles and is a 4 door. 305 automatic. Probably most were. It's a great driving and handling car. I agree with all the comments. I thought to myself, these guys are describing my Impala. I found her in the weeds, where she sat for quite a while. When I asked for the keys, she started right up. I've replaced a few mechanical items, but like the EverReady Bunny, she just keeps going. I use 89 or 91 octane, as she doesn't like 87 at all. That's OK, I bought her for 700 bucks, and she has paid it all back. I really do love my car, and like so many others in here, I'll keep her. She is truly a classic. Along with all the other comments, I'll put my chariot up against anything new, and for lots of reasons my Chevy will come through shining. Thanks again for a great website. Hope to hear from some of you guys out there, and I'm glad there are a few of us who recognize class.