9th Sep 2004, 19:36

I am 16 years old, and my grandpa gave me his old 1978 2dr coupe with a 305. He gave it to me and put it in the garage about 12 years ago, and tomorrow I get to go and fix it up and drive it around a little. It's good to here that this is such a dependable car, and I hope to love it as much as you folk seem to.

29th Jan 2005, 11:38

I had a chance to get my Grandmothers 78 2-Door Coupe 4 years ago. It has the 305 in it, but runs great and still has plenty of power, I can't tell any difference in the power since I drove it back in 78.I hope someday to repaint it I don't really like the color. With 134,000 on it, it has weathered quit a bit. I thought about painting it Black I don't know yet. Glad to see more people than me enjoy these 78 Impala's.Don't junk them restore them.

26th Feb 2005, 11:47

This past summer o4', I purchased what I thought for 800$ would be a car I would drive till I could find a better classic car... I was wrong its none other than a 78 impala 2 door. and after a day or two a driving it around I fell in love. the 305 with the 350 turbo behind it won't burn a lot of cars out there, but after I put a for barrel on top it help quite a bit for a more enjoyable driving experience. this summer I'm gonna put a crate 350 of some kind in. the body is clean and deep red. the interior is too. I just ripped out the 8 track for a cd player. it has 88 thousand miles a still feels like new. the owner before me had duel pipes put on which was a selling point for me, they make a little noise, but not much, I'm thinking flo masters. Keep the American car alive.

5th Jul 2005, 18:35

These are great cars. I currently own 4 of them all coupes and all from estate sales of old ladies (seriously). Got a dark blue one with the straight six and 38K miles, a tan one with a 305 and 53K miles, a light blue one with 47K miles and a 350, and my trusty "beater" which I call Bessie, that has 147K miles at least on the original 305. A little rust on Bessie, but I have to drive something in the winter!

2nd Oct 2005, 10:00

I also own a '78 Impala, 4 door. I love this car. I recently hit a deer with it and only did minor damage. I was fortunate enough to find the parts I needed to fix it. My next project is to swap the engine out for something with a little more power. I'll never sell my car. Hopefully I will not have to go through the pain of rebuilding her again.

8th Mar 2006, 19:08

I have a 78 Impala 2 door and had it since it was new. The only bad thing was the paint holding up. Well over 500k miles now on the same 305 engine. I have never been in the engine, just replaced the transmission. My Speedo doesn't work and I'm tryin to find new gauges. Lately I have been getting so many offers to buy it, I found out that there were only 4000 78 Coupes made, so there must not be many left out there now.

24th Mar 2006, 13:39

There were 33,990 1978 Impala coupes built in 1978, so it's not all that rare.

9th Apr 2006, 21:25

I have a '78 impala 4-door with the 250 c.i.d. straight six; I'm trying to find out exactly how rare it is to have that car with the L6 motor... I've heard from some big-time Chevy guys that Chevrolet just didn't put that motor in cars very often (they mostly put them in trucks)

So, if anybody can find the numbers, let me know how many '78s were made with the in line 6.


22nd May 2006, 10:21

I saw a Popular Mechanics owner survey article that came out in 1977 that stated about 3% of the owners surveyed with 77 Impala/Caprices had the L6. So while that may not be how many were built, it gives a rough estimate. I found that there were 661,661 1977 Impala/Caprices built, so that figures to about 19,850 with the L6.

14th Sep 2006, 09:15


I have a '78 Impala, 4 door, 305 Automatic, and am looking for parts, especially interior. Besides Ebay, I've had no luck finding a good source. I'm in the Northeast, so there aren't many good bone yards with rust free parts for exterior.

Any advice is appreciated.

If anybody has a parts car, and is interested in selling items, please email me at thousandhurts@yahoo.com.



12th Nov 2006, 20:44

I have a friend with whom I grew up. I admired his mother's 1978 Impala coupe. After she died, he insisted on giving it to me. How could I refuse? It is dark red with a four barrel carburetor. No power windows, no power seats, no adjustable steering wheel, but plenty of power. I love it. It has sixty-two thousand miles and runs and looks new.

3rd Jul 2008, 17:05

I bought a 1977 Impala 2 door a couple months ago. It has a 305 with a turbo 350 trans. I like it a lot, but I want to put a 350 in it.

8th Aug 2008, 00:28

I have a 78 4 door 305 as well. Got her (Paula) from my friends grandma for 1000 bucks. She has never once failed me when every other car has. 76,000 miles and running strong. Drives like a limo is how I explain it to people.

I love my girl and she was perfect until I got it stuck on the beach and had my dumb friend try to pull it out, and he went flying full speed instead of going slow, and I flew into him and punched in the right tail light area. I still complain everyday about it.... the parts for this car are IMPOSSIBLE to find!

13th Jan 2009, 01:46

I was blessed to inherit a 1978 Chevy impala 2-door. It runs extremely quiet. The only problem I have is that the doors are rusted out at the bottom. If anyone knows where I could find two fairly well kept doors, I would greatly appreciate your help. My email address is tankalot4u@yahoo.com

Thanks for your time.

7th Sep 2011, 08:01

Do you know what size motor is in the 1978 Impala? I'm not sure. I got one, and I am pulling it to my house this weekend, and not really sure what size motor is in it. My guess is the 305, but not sure.

7th Sep 2011, 08:05

Mine has the 2 barrel on it. Not sure if it's the 305 or the 350, but my guess is that it has the 305 in it. Going to do a lot of work to get it running again, but think I can make my money back on the car after I'm done; I might sell it.