7th Dec 2006, 10:28

I also agree, I owned a 2002 Pontiac Grand Prix GT with the 3800 motor. I have never owned a car with so many problems with such low miles. So I did some research and Traded it in for a 2003 Dodge Intrepid ES and I LOVE IT!! I was also someone who said that I would never own a Chrysler vehicle, but it is honestly made much better and there is more detail put into this vehicle. Haven't had any problems yet at 75000 miles.

16th Apr 2008, 17:08

I also Agree, I actually still own this pile of garbage. Its currently rotting at the end of my driveway while I Drive my 07 Ford Fusion. I can't even get rid of the thing! I should have just traded it in, took the loss, and be done with it. I just can't believe the difference in quality between the two makes. My wife is still enjoying her 2001 Taurus with well over 100k on it, while the Impala barely made it to 41,000 miles. Never Again will I purchase a GM product. My sister owns a Pontiac Grand Prix with the same motor, and she is also at the end of her rope.

13th Jul 2008, 08:30

Sounds like you might have a lemon on your hands. New tranny after 10,000 miles? At least the warranty covers it.

I have a 02 3.8 with every option in it. Overall, it's been a great car. However, the few problems that have come up over the years have been very costly.

The wheel bearings went out - that was a $1000 fix.

The A/C, around 65000 miles started making a sound like a leaf was in the fan. Had it into a Chevy dealership, they said there was nothing wrong and the problem should "fix itself." 5 months later, only hot air would blow out. Took it to my normal mechanic - metal parts had broken down internally and shot pieces through the entire system - $1400 to pretty much replace the entire A/C system. Of course, that was after the Chevy dealership said nothing was wrong.

I have 85000 miles on it now, and it's currently in the shop because of the dreaded intake manifold leak. $800 to replace both manifolds, all gaskets, thermostat, completely flush the system, and an entire tune-up.

The only other major problem was the catalytic converter had to be replaced - which is covered under the special 120k mile warranty from Chevy.

The small issues were the drivers side window motor stopped working - $100 repair.

I have had no electrical issues, like so many others talk about.

Basically, the car is paid off and parts will break down over time. I put almost 45000 miles on the car in a 2 year period of stop and go highway driving.

I think Chevy's are being built very cheaply these days, and that tends to be the major culprit for all these problems. However, with almost any car your going to have problems. Parts break down.

The main thing is you have to have your car checked out regularly, at least twice a year once you reach 50k miles. Most people don't do this because it cost a few hundred bucks to get that done. It's hard having to shell out $1000 twice a year to fix these issues, but like I said... the car is paid off and spending $4000 in the last 3 years is a lot cheaper than paying car payments.

If you take care of your car like you're supposed to take care of your body, they should last for a long time. Most people don't do this, and they think cars should never have problems. That's not the case. That's why car's are the worst investments you'll ever make. But what choice to we have?

13th Jun 2009, 22:12

Just for every 2002 Chevy Impala LS 3.8 V6 owners, my major repair experience started at 119k miles when the idiot light came on, found muddy looking coolant fluid in the reservoir, replaced lower intake & upper gasket manifold while at it replaced the serpentine belt (no timing belt on this car), water pump, valve cover gasket, PVC valve, oil and coolant flush all done by a local mechanic for $1900, the dealer wanted $3600 for the same job.

Now at 126k miles it threw a rod putting a hole on the engine oil pan below, I ended up replacing the engine from GM, total cost $4700. Replaced fuel gauge sensing unit at 75k miles ($220), catalytic converter at 71k miles, passenger power seat control at 50k miles replaced tires and brakes around every 60k miles, car paid off, repair still cheaper than monthly car payments.

From Fremont CA.

3rd Jul 2009, 13:08

I have a 2002 Impala with the 3.4 liter engine. This car has been by far the most problematic vehicle I have ever owned.

We have put over 1800.00 into it the last year or so... first the ECM died, then the BCM. Shortly after that something to do the evaporative system and then it stranded us 900 miles from home because the ignition key would not turn, had to tow it to a dealer and spend over 500.00 for the ignition switch to be replaced.

And yet again, another problem has surfaced... loss of power. I got a letter 3-4 years ago about this and it is supposedly and issue with the catalytic convertor, our local dealer is researching right now. We have 106000 miles on it and the letter stated the catalytic convertor would be replaced up to 120000 miles or 10 years.

We have a 1999 Toyota Camry we bought used with 75000 miles on it and we now have over 170000 on it and have had not absolutely one issue. Even if GM survives their bankruptcy, I will never buy another one of their products, and my family has been buying GM products for almost 40 years!

17th Aug 2010, 23:47

I have an 2002 LS with 144,000 miles on it now. So far I can honestly say the car has not left me stranded anywhere yet. The ride is pretty nice. Aftermarket parts are in abundance for this car. Gas mileage is still very good... around 23 MPG average Hwy/Cty.

With that being said, it has definitely had its share of issues, but nothing that would make me says this car is bad.

It has had multiple steering shafts since it was fairly new and throughout its life so far, most covered under warranty. Drivers side window motor and intake manifold gaskets, covered under warranty. Clogged catalytic converter, covered.

At approx 100,000 miles it got a new transmission, which 44,000 miles later is still going strong. Some cooling system parts.

Most recently at 140,000 miles I had 2 wheel bearings, 2 axles and a new rack and pinion. Just this week a new radiator.

This is all on a heavily abused car, so I have to say it is truly one tough car and I still like this car very much.

26th Aug 2010, 23:04

My 02 Chevy Impala LS is pretty dependable for me.

I had the steering wheel "clunked" fixed under warranty, bad fuel filter replaced, it did create problems on the catalytic converter, but covered under warranty.

The electrical issues were the engine light comes on, and sometimes the car will not start - had to reset the settings from the car stereo, wait 10 minutes for computer to program, and voila, the engine starts! It has not given problems lately. I was so embarrassed once when I held up the lines on the gas station. This is at 40k miles; now at 80k miles ironically, no issues. Knock on metal :-)