25th Nov 2005, 23:19

How well do you take care of your cars? You probably neglected your cars for all I know.

26th Jul 2006, 08:21

Original Review Owner

July 26, 2006 Current Odometer 65,500Kms

To date this vehicle has still been reliable. I have had several problems, however the dealership has gladly taken care of all of them. I’ll list them so that everyone can see if there is a trend.

First off I had scratches in all 4 windows caused by aftermarket tint which was installed by the dealer, they gladly replaced and re-tinted at no charge.

Had all 4 rotors machined and replaced all 4 brake pads - maintenance.

Had the lock switch replaced because it did not illuminate - warranty.

Replaced both sway bar links in the rear of the vehicle - warranty.

Finally, did you know that if you put your climate control setting to feet only, the AC compressor comes on! Surprised, I took it in and they could not find the problem, so decided to replace the control unit. Guess, what same problem. I told them to check the 2 other Impalas they had in the lot, and what do you know, the same problem/ defect. I had to pay the $100 deductible for the warranty, but felt that that was not reasonable. The service advisor agreed, but her boss made her charge me.

When I got home, I decided to call GM to see if they would replace my $100, and immediately they agreed, they told me that they would call the dealer and call me back later. Two days later the dealer called to say that a cheque was on its way. I know a lot of people have said that customer service at GM is horrible, but I can definitely vouch to say that it’s been the best I’ve ever received from any dealership. I’ve owned 5 vehicles, and I’m 22, and GM has been the only dealership that’s treated me with professionalism and respect.

I know I listed a lot of things that were replaced, and this car is still fairly new, so I’m starting to get worried about the long term ownership, as I bought this car to drive to the ground. If you have any questions or suggestions, please reply.

10th Aug 2006, 13:12

Well, I'm glad to hear that you have a good dealer who cares about his customers. We now own 2 GM cars and one Ford, and our GM dealer is GREAT about every little detail. That is why we traded our other two Fords in for GM products. The Impala is a great car, and in my opinion a much better value than the imports. The gas mileage is certainly great.

As for Chrysler, we have had three and all were incredible. Our old '88 Daytona went 100,000 miles with virtually no problems, our '90 Omni went an incredible 240,000 miles with only two brake jobs and 2 timing belts. My Dakota ran flawlessly and never had a problem until it was totalled 5 years after buying it. The MAJOR problem we had with Chrysler was that they just refused to honor the warranty on our cars. That is why we no longer drive Chrysler products. The cars themselves were great (at least ours were).

16th Oct 2006, 10:20

Well, I bought my Chevrolet Impala used at about 25000 miles. I was so excited because it was my first new car. About a year into the contract my transmission went out. It was too late for the warranty, but luckily I found a transmission that only had 9000 miles on it. Since then my car has been the best I've had. A lesson learned, don't drive your car like a race car unless it's been properly modified. The person that complained about the steering gave me some insight to the steering column. When we dismantled the Impala and proceeded to replace the transmission, I noticed that after it was all said and done, that I had a little "play" in the steering wheel, whereas there was none before! So I'm glad I read his comment so I can do something about it. Overall, I'm am very pleased with Chevrolet's work on improving and old classic!!

21st Oct 2006, 11:37

Original Review Owner:

So far everything is great I just have one problem that's been bothering me. The steering gives off a squeaky sound when it's hot and you are turning this bugs the crap out of me. When I took it back they replaced the rack and pinion for $1500 CAD covered under warranty. Now 3 days later while on vacation in the U. S the sound came back. Now they are telling me the shaft needs to be lubed and don't know if it's covered. I hate being screwed and told misleading information and most importantly I refuse to be taken advantage of. I'm waiting for my service adviser to come back from leaf for her to take care of me. If anyone else has this problem please let me know.

18th Jan 2007, 20:32

Original Review writer:

Now I'm annoyed. This vehicle has only 79,000KMS on it and there are so many unbelievable problems.

Firstly, since the steering wheel noise it makes a whining sound when I turn both sides. Took to the dealer 5-7 times!!! The last time they just lubed it.

One week ago the airbag light came on!! I took it in and they told me that they needed to look at the wiring. The next day they told me that there was a leak under the cabin filter where the water fried a couple of sensors and apparently leaks aren't covered by the warranty, and since that is so, the repair all together is not covered!!! The total due is roughly $1,500!! (CAD) I don't know what I going to do if this keeps up.

I researched on the net and found that this was a common problem. WHY NO RECALL??? Any suggestions would help.

12th May 2007, 15:00

I bought a 2004 Chevy Impala LS, after running a Buick Regal LS (1998) up to 178K miles. I traded the Regal for the Impala and it has been the best car I have ever owned! Yes I have had a couple problems, which started with oil leaking into the anti-freeze recover bottle. The dealer (under warranty) replaced the intake manifold gasket and hence the problem went away. The car now has 76K on the odometer and yes, I too had the intermediate steering shaft replaced. My AC blower motor would occasionally fluctuate or not work and it was the result of a loose (fan) connection plug (I Fixed it)! I am still on my original brakes and the original tires were replaced at 37K (Maintenance). Great car and excellent gas mileage (30-31 hwy).

25th Aug 2007, 10:42

I have a 2004 Chevy Impala and my son had an accident with it. He was driving on a gravel road and the car lost traction and slid into a shipping container. The right front (passenger) door received a major dent in the middle (verticle dent). The door is totalled, but I was able to pick up a 2005 door and now want to replace it. I need good instruction on repacing the door.