11th Apr 2006, 09:10

I have a 2000 impala ls. it would take spells not cranking. I could put it in neutral and then park and keep doing this until it finally cranked. then it quit on my son. I had it taken to a garage and he told me it needed a new motor. I had a motor, starter and new battery put in it. it still does this. now the security light comes on and when it starts comming on I can tell it's going to have pms. it won't crank. can anyone tell me if this is an electrical problem or a transmission problem?

5th May 2006, 19:50

Who ever told you that you needed a new motor took you for a ride. It sounds like the security system is not letting you start the car for some reason. Definitely sounds like an electrical problem not a transaxle or engine problem. Sorry to hear that you had a new engine installed.

20th Jul 2006, 20:16

Your car is most likely not starting because of a Pass Lock Problem. It has happened too many impalas and I am trying to get the word out to call 1 800 222 1020. It will start again in about 15-20 minutes if you try. The thing is you never known when it happens. The number is for GM's customer service.. we need to get this problem out there and maybe a recall could occur :)

27th Oct 2006, 18:32

I have a 2000 Impala with an intermittent check engine light. It happens in warm weather and goes away after removing gas cap and starting engine several times. I have replaced the gas cap twice, but the problem is still there.

Does anyone have a solution?

8th Apr 2008, 11:40

Thanx, I will try that; my girlfriend is stuck at work because of it!!!

22nd Feb 2009, 15:52

I had a 2000 Impala LS. The car runs very well for five years. No problems at all during those five years.

In the sixth year, no crank problem started. Drive car about 10 minutes, then park and come back about 5-10 minutes ,no crank, but all instruments and radio are working, so there is electricity, but no crank what so ever. It was doing this not every day, but almost every other day.

I checked on the Internet, many people were complaining about the same exact problem. Some were saying that it happens if you have after market or third party security or remote start installed. To that car, nothing has been installed. Took it to the dealer where I purchased and serviced it four times, but it never ever did the same thing at the dealer. Called GM, they said they could not recreate the problem. Finally, traded in for a CRV.

Do I buy a Chevy, again? Yes, I do. Do I buy a car which is the first year in the market? Heck no! My experience, I wait for at least five to six year for a new model to buy it. If they change the model within this time period, too bad.


Winston Salem, NC.