1995 Chevrolet K1500 5.7 from North America


Best truck I've owned


115k, several dash and interior lamps.

120k, driver's side door handle.

125k, starter motor failed.

125k, water pump fitting cracked.

130k, tail gate handle quit working.

150k, driver's side door handle again.

General Comments:

This has been the best pickup that I have ever owned. It must be one of those vehicles that was built on a Wednesday, because I have had outstanding service from this truck, and I work it very hard and often on the farm.

The reliability of this series of pickups is hard to beat. There are some annoyances like door handles breaking, but parts are inexpensive and readily available.

The 5.7 engine has excellent power from towing and hauling, and gives a good compromise on fuel economy. I've gotten 13 MPG - 18.5 MPG over several years and a variety of usage.

This truck does exceptionally well on slick roads, and the four wheel drive works good. My only complaint there is that there is a four second delay from requesting four wheel drive and actually getting it to lock in. Sometimes that four seconds feels like an eternity. I had another problem learning about the transfer case operation using the 4 low lock. I was towing a load of railroad ties up a steep, rocky dirt road, and partway up realized that I needed 4wd to make the climb. I stopped part way up the hill and pushed the transfer case forward until it clunked into gear in 4L, but it wasn't fully forward that last inch push that really locks it in. It made for an unpleasant surprise when I got almost all the way up the hill and the transfer case popped out of gear!

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Review Date: 28th December, 2012

30th Dec 2012, 13:33

I agree, it's the best truck and/or vehicle I have ever owned. I have owned three 95 Chevy trucks, and loved every one! My husband crashed the first one, and my daughter hit a deer with the second.

Only problem with the third was the driver's side door latch broke. My husband suggested I get a car for gas savings. And now I'm driving a BUICK!!! (YUK). I want my truck back!!!

19th Jul 2013, 06:27

I enjoyed reading your comment on this vehicle. I am currently purchasing one right now. And you described everything that's wrong with it, especially the door thing. The only difference is my door handle works, but sometimes the door won't shut completely; it has swung open while I was driving before. But for a 95 with 200,000 hard towing miles, it still runs beautifully.

For anybody doing mods like me, I put a Flowmaster cat and exhaust on it. Sounds amazing. And I managed to put a cold air intake on the throttle body setup; very easy. I took a wind tunnel from another truck with carburetor setup, and drilled two holes for the throttle body fittings, and there you go. I now have a cold air intake.

1995 Chevrolet K1500 Silverado Z71 4x4 5.7 V8 from North America


It's a GREAT TRUCK, ready for whatever you throw at it


When I first bought my truck, I spent about 500 dollars on a new brake system due to the owner before me, but other than that, I've had to replace the water pump, passenger door handle, and a rebuilt transmission rear end broke due to playing in the mud and woods.

General Comments:

I love this truck compared to my 1989 F250, and my 1993 F150.

The 4 wheel drive is very powerful.

The dual exhaust is a beast roars like a monster, everybody loves it.

Lifts look great, I got mine sitting on 33s" mud tires with dual Flowmaster.

Two thumbs up, this truck is GREAT!!!

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Review Date: 22nd January, 2011

1995 Chevrolet K1500 5.7 liter 350 from North America


Best purchase of my life


Since I have owned this truck, I have had absolutely no problems with it, everything has been standard maintenance.

General Comments:

This is the most reliable vehicle I have ever owned or ever will own, it is an absolute bulletproof beast. I put this truck through absolute hell, hauling extremely heavy loads and firewood yearlong.

My family has owned this truck since it had 90,000 miles on it, we rebuilt the transmission at 160,000 and rebuilt the rear end at around 175,000. Everything else has been standard maintenance, my dad who owned this truck is very gifted mechanic, and maintained it meticulously, as I have done since I owned it.

If you take care of this truck, It will do nearly whatever you ask of it, the small block 350 is adequate for towing, the 454, or 6.5 diesel are a better option, although some 6.5's are junk, for an all around truck you cannot go wrong with an 88-98 GM full size truck (up to 2000 with the classic model)

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Review Date: 29th January, 2009

18th Feb 2009, 01:11

18 Feb 2009. Bought my used '95 Silverado Ext Cab SB K1500 with no reverse or 2nd gear in Jan. 2008 with 143,000 miles.

Had the auto transmission rebuilt locally with a shift kit, new converter & trans cooler all for $2,000. Also had the rear pinion/ring replaced along with new bearings & seals for another $1,000. It passed PA inspection & PA emissions 1st time without trouble.

Put a used GM CD player in for $40.

I get around 13-15 MPG, which isn't bad with a 5.7L 4,500 pound vehicle. Plus it rides like dream & I like the summer breeze when I open the rear slider window.

I'm 53 year old guy & this is K1500 is my 1st truck, & I plan to keep it until I retire & maybe get a newer one. Thanks.

16th Mar 2009, 22:11

I have 1995 K1500, a 1988 C1500, and a 1995 K2500. All three of these trucks are absolute tanks.

Finaly lost overdrive in the 2500 at 185000, but with what I pull and haul everyday, I can't believe it lasted this long. I think Chevy definitely got it right with the 88/98 pickup.