2nd Nov 2008, 06:13

I'm only 21 and everyone I know would rather have a new Skoda than any of the other makes by a country mile. The only one that comes close is the Hyundai, as a lot of younger people think it's a good cheap coupe/sports car. To be honest, they do all have stigma, but I think I would agree with one of the other comments about the order; Skoda, Hyundai, Kia, Chevrolet. The Skoda's are just seen as a part of VAG, the Hyundai's are common enough to be acceptable, and the Kia's represent good value for money (had a look at the Cee'd and Sorento, and went for test drives). The Chevrolet on the other hand is a bit of an unknown entity. It means some of my friends say nothing about them, and others just assume they are rubbish.

Of course all of this is just from the point of view of me and the people I know - I'm also from the UK (England). Personally I think all the brands have made such a huge stepup in quality in the last 5 or so years, that it's now fairer to judge the individual model than make. Some cracking cars out there for very little money, just because of the badge.

2nd Nov 2008, 09:02

I don't see ANY stigma attached to Chevrolet, which is the third largest car manufacturer in the world. In the same way there's no stigma attached to Vauxhall. Neither are premium marques, but both are mainstream.

There is absolutely no point in comparing the Lacetti to the Ceed. The Lacetti is a 6 year old design and was up against the 2002/3 Hyundai Accent (LOL), Kia Shuma (LOL x2) and the Kia Cerato (hehe), as well as Toyota Corolla, Focus etc.

If you had to compare, then compare the new Chevy Cruze to the Kia Ceed. No doubting the Cruze will blow the Kia out of the water. And of course the Cruze has the Chevy badge.

Kia and Hyundai will always have those badges that other Honda, Toyota, Vauxhall etc drivers look down on with disdain.

2nd Nov 2008, 09:42

The Lacetti is the Top Gear track car because it is so cheap. Chevrolet is definitely seen as more in line with Kia and Hyundai with the people I talk to, whilst Ford, Vauxhall and Skoda are definitely a rung up the ladder. Of course it's all subjective and so entirely opinion based. Whether they are the biggest or smallest manufacturer in the world won't matter - look at how big the Tesco's chain is... people will still say Sainsbury's is 'nicer'.

3rd Nov 2008, 02:13

Ford and Vauxhall are mainstream... not Skoda... I've seen new pre-registered Ocatvias in the newspaper for £8,995! At this stage I couldn't be sure whether a courtesy scarf/balaclava/bag on head was included in the deal!

3rd Nov 2008, 03:19

1st Nov 1532 back again.

You have been busy on this thread!

Some interesting comments - as I said, the new models from Hyundai, Kia, Skoda etc are way superior to the current offerings from Chevrolet - this was my point all along - and I did say that Chevrolet may come up in people's estimation when their new models are launched.

In the meantime, we can fairly say that compared to the current competition from the Getz, Cee'd, I30 etc, the current Chevrolet range is very poor. I must point out the new Aveo here with its 1.5* NCAP - that is supposed to be a new model - this does not bode well for other upcoming "new" models.

As we have said, once Chevrolet bring out the Beat/Cruze etc, they may be able to compete or beat the other budget manufacturers - but as is clear, this is not the case at present - my point all along.

I think it is fair to say most Vauxhall drivers look down on Chevrolet as it is the budget brand of GM in the UK, after all, they are selling old Daewoo models at present and have created a stigma for themselves.

I think the confusion lies in the fact that in the UK at least, Chevrolet brand perception is poor and needs work, whereas the competition woke up to this years ago, brought out decent models and embarked on successful advertising campaigns. This may well be different in other countries, particularly the US.

3rd Nov 2008, 03:32

All cars are cheap at the moment - not just Skoda.

What about these - brand new Vectra 1.8 Life £8995, new Zafira 1.6 Life £10,095, new Focus 1.6 Style £8695 etc etc.

If you won't drive a Skoda, your loss! I suppose a base model Octavia is nothing to shout about, but the new Superb is - even some VW dealers think that bar the badge, it is better than the Passat.

I'd still rather drive a Skoda than a Chevrolet, any day!!

3rd Nov 2008, 04:03

This being a Monday morning, and having to ease myself back into working again, I just conducted a poll in the office asking the staff, both male and female of all ages to rate their perception of the brands Vauxhall, Skoda, Hyundai, Chevrolet and Kia from 1-5, 1 being best, 5 being worst. The results were varied and interesting, and were averaged out to give the following result:

1 Vauxhall

2= Skoda

2= Hyundai

3 Kia

4 Chevrolet

This is not made up, and interestingly, Skoda would have matched the Vauxhall score if two older women in the office who only remember the old Estelle had not both voted it as 5. Chevrolet has some work to do!!

So do I...!

3rd Nov 2008, 07:29

Well regardless of all the talk about individual models, Cruze, i30, Ceed etc, the Chevrolet brand has greater equity within it than all the other brands you mention there apart from Vauxhall.

Have you seen the crash test rating of the 1995-2000 hyundai accent? 1 star, a disaster. The Aveo of course: 5 stars in US Safety institute tests.

Ultimately Chevrolet is mainstream the world over.. Hyundai and Kia are most certainly not mainstream the world over.

3rd Nov 2008, 10:43

Again, we are talking about the current cars in comparison with each other - you can't have it both ways!! I do not understand why you want to compare other crash tests - to be fairest, use the benchmark EuroNCAP which compares the Aveo against the Getz, Fabia etc in the same test, with the same conditions, to give a fair comparison. Whereas the Getz and Fabia were four star rated, the Aveo got 1.5 stars and was classed as unstable in an impact.

Chevrolet may have a stronger brand equity in the US, but not in the UK.

If Kia, Skoda and Hyundai keep improving their range onwards, like they have in the last five years, they will be one of the top sellers. The Koreans are after top ten world sales, and they are deadly serious about achieving this.

My comments compare like with like, fairly, at this current time - you want to move the goalposts to meet your own needs.

Once again, I feel that Chevrolet's current range does not compare favourably with the other current models mentioned - just like the Skoda, Hyundai and Kia range of five years ago would not have compared favourably against other cars. My point, once again, is about the CURRENT range - and I have said numerous times that I will look at the new Chevrolet range without bias when they are launched.

If Chevrolet can improve as well as the others in the next few years, then they will be well recognised and sell well - like the current Skoda, Hyundai and Kia range.

I wait with baited breath...!!