16th Apr 2004, 23:52

Great engine, my Lumina z34 has 220 k miles on it, still eats Hondas for breakfast. Not easy to do any engine work though. Everything is made in such a way, as it should hinder the mechanic, but if you love it, you'll find the way.

6th Mar 2005, 21:48

I'm an owner of a '93 Z34 with a 5-speed. I love the car, well at least driving it. I did a little bit of work when I bought the car with 92,000 miles on it (clutch set, timing belt, plugs, water pump, oil, alternator) and it's been running great since. With the 3.4L I agree it is very difficult to change the alternator because it is underneath the front axle. As for the timing belt it is supposed to be serviced at 60 to 70 thousand miles anyway like most cars its age. I would recommend keeping a close watch on it when it gets close to such mileage because if it brakes, so will a lot of other stuff. Warped brake rotors are also supposedly a common problem on these cars, but even with my aggressive braking I haven't come across such a problem. Gas mileage is supposed to be 17-19 mpg city and approx 27 mpg highway, but I've been getting about 14 city 21 highway, its 12years old so I can deal with it. Overall the car drives real nice, almost as nice as my dads '02 grand prix gt, with its upgraded suspension and its power (210+ HP) can get me away from most you know whats on the highway. I'd recommend this car to anyone who would keep up on routine maintenance. It's a comfortable and fun ride.

19th Apr 2005, 15:27

I've had a '93 automatic Z-34 for about 2 years now. The previous owner didn't take care of the car at all, so I ended up throwing a rod about 4 days after my warranty ran out. I won't get into the drama involving the dealer.

Anyways, after buying a rebuilt engine from a '94, the car started to run great. I added a shift kit and upgraded the suspension, so the car drives wonderfully.

The problems that I'm having with the car are varied. I had to rebuild the alternator myself, since a lot of mechanics won't touch the 3.4L. That was a lot of fun (sarcastically speaking of course). Then my cooling system developed a leak, and I've been looking for the source of it for about a year. About 6 months ago, my A/C vents got stuck blowing out of the defrost vents, regardless of what vent I had selected.

The major problem that I'm experiencing now is that my brakes won't return to their neutral position after pressing the pedal. This results in a really annoying high-pitched squeak while I'm driving, and an even louder squeak when I'm braking.

All-in-all, it's a powerful and fun-to-drive car, if you have the money and patience to deal with the little problems that go wrong with it.

Random fact: A turbo will blow this engine, so don't even try.

27th Sep 2005, 08:40

The reason your vents don't work is because there is a vacuum line under the battery that is broke or melted. My lumina did the same thing.

29th Jan 2006, 11:24

I just got a Z34 and I am having problems with the trans. It goes into every gear, but it start out real slow even with the pedal to the floor. Can any one help me find out the problem. Thanks!

29th Jan 2006, 11:34

I just got a Z34 and I am having problems with the trans. It goes into every gear, but it starts out real slow even with the pedal to the floor. Can any one help me find out the problem. Thanks! email dckhed@gmail.com

23rd Feb 2006, 15:52

I have a 93 z34 I loved the car until I broke a timing belt. I had it replaced then it ran good for two days after that it started to act up. when I first start out it runs good for like 5 miles then it starts losing power and starts puffing black smoke. if anyone knows what it could be please contact me at thug19821@yahoo.com.

6th Mar 2006, 19:27

I have a 93 Lumina z34 it runs great and handles even better. Just today I was driving down the road and a SUV pulled out into the intersection. I swerved out of the way and my car began to slide through the intersection into oncoming traffic. I counter steered to the right, the car did a lot of fish tails and began to slow down and finally came to a stop facing oncoming traffic. I don't think I could of regain control if I was driving any other car. i think the car saved me a lot of trouble by having the power and control to allow me to regain control after spinning out into oncoming traffic at forty MPH. it saved my life and prob-ally a few others.

14th Mar 2006, 19:04

I currently own a 91 Chevy Lumina Z-34, its my second one. Just replaced the alternator, took one whole day. It's a nice car, drives great. Cars kind of hard to work on considering the engine compartment is cramped. But the performance and handling is worth it.

6th Sep 2006, 15:50

I bought a 92 Z34 a few months ago and it runs great. The only problem I have with it is the gas pedal. When you first press it down it sticks, but then it's fine. It only sticks when you first press it though, so I took off my air intake and cleaned the inside of the plate around the engine compartment, but it still sticks. Anyone know how to fix it? Comment back please.

7th Sep 2006, 15:14

Do you have floor mats? Something like that was happening to me when I bought my 96 Sunfire, turns out the pedal was catching on the floor mat! Man did I ever feel stupid! Other things to check would be the cable itself. Have someone press the pedal while you look at the cable in the engine bay. There also might be a spring where the cable attaches to the throttle body. They sometimes rust or get sticky. Spray it with some penetrating lube.

20th Apr 2007, 01:08

Hello! I'm the proud owner of a '93 z-34. I've had it for about 4 yrs. I really like the performance of the car. It handles very good for it's size, and the motor is strong. It's got good looks too. Like many other owners of this car, I don't like the crowded engine bay. It's difficult at best. I've had the timing belt and alternator replaced at a cost of about $2000! That's too much!...but I like this car, so I grin and bear it! My problem now is, the car will start and run for a while, then quit!...for no apparent reason. It gives no info. on the dash. It may start an hour or so later, or refuse to start for days. Every time I take it to a shop the problem will not surface and will run (idle) for hours. Any guess's, or similar experiences.

1st May 2007, 22:27

I am also a proud owner of a 93 Z34 black automatic. I have all just about all the problems listed with this car that anyone has experience. I bought it in 96 and owned it until now. Three alternators, water pump, radiator, power steering, many break jobs, (and yes I can’t get rid of that nasty noise in the front brakes) messed up dash, you name it I have had it I guess…anyways, I still can’t find a reason to get rid of the car….14 years old and still gets looks out there.. for the friend with the starting problem check all of your electric connections, battery and starter specially…if anyone has worked out a way to fix/replace the dash please let me know…still looking for that…paultrindade@yahoo.com

Definitely if you don’t have the $$ for maintenance/repairs, don’t buy this car…