23rd Mar 2010, 15:47

I know this may seem a little weird, but it isn't that hard to change the spark plugs and wires in the Z34. I did it in an hour and a half. You just have to take out the dog bone in the front and you can roll the engine forward. You don't need to cut any holes in any thing. It's not that hard to figure out. Most V6 engines have this little feature. It's only 2 bolts and 2 nuts. Then you can get to the back spark plugs.


18th Jul 2010, 22:52

I have owned my 1993 white Lumina Z34 automatic for 3 years.

To date, I have spent about $2K just on brake replacements that include rotor replacements (twice), pads where the inside wears and the outside does not (twice). I was told it was the result of sticky caliper slides common to this model and year.

I replaced the ABS sensor drum on the right rear for $800, replaced ABS master pump for another $800. The timing belt broke once, a local mechanic fixed it and it had no valve or head damage as a result.

I replaced all the upper oil seals and valve cover seals. The cruise control would not hold speed, air vents would cut off when accelerating with a/c on. It turned out a vacuum canister in the dash was leaking and was the culprit for the cruise and air vent issue. That repair was a cheap $100 which surprised me.

The car shifted hard going from park to drive or reverse. Turned out the vacuum nipple on trans was leaking, and once fixed it drops into drive or reverse very smoothly. Counting my $2200 purchase price I've spent about $6,000+ on this car. The car runs great now (it should!) and feels good to drive.

Since I've spent so much money on this car so far, I've decided to keep it since a new car would cost many, many, more thousands of dollars. The car's paint is showing its age (spider cracks under the clearcoat), so I'm having it repainted stock white with red camaro style racing stripes. I know, I'm crazy, but I love the looks and feel of this car. :)

14th Aug 2010, 12:52

I have had a 1993 Z34 Lumina for about 4 years. I absolutely love the car, and it has been very interesting to work on. I have advice for all Z34 owners. While working on the car over the years, I have found out many things to watch for.

Quite a few vacuum lines run along the backside of the engine, and I have found that they like to melt against the EGR valve. I have had 4 lines melted in half or stuck to it. Now I keep them well above it.

For the high idle at 3000rpm with a idle air control code from the diagnostic reader, it happened to be a lower intake gasket.

My alternator was going out every 2 years, and it was because of a tiny hole in the high pressure line going from the rack and pinion to the power steering pump, which was leaking right on the alternator. I took it in because I could not turn the line wrench when I had it on there. It only cost 235.00.

For a way better sound from the engine, a cold air intake worked awesome for me. I also had Flowmasters put on it, but I still don't know if I like the sound.

My email is blackbeltmoto250@aol.com if anyone wants to talk about the Z34.

16th Aug 2010, 13:10

I've got a 1993 Z34 in great shape, but the engine wants to stall every once in a while and it will die. Also I have changed the fuel filter and run fuel additive through it and injector cleaner in it. I've also changed plugs and wires and idle air control valve and throttle position sensor because of the idle problem. The throttle position sensor fixed the idle problem, so I'm just trying to figure out the stalling problem and the dieing problem. I'm guessing the fuel pump is starting to go out...

Any suggestions? Also it take a few tries to start it, but not all the time... Thanks.

29th Oct 2010, 21:42

I have a 93 Lumina Z34 that floods out so bad that the gas drips out of the muffler. I got lucky and got it started the first time it happened, and drove it for a week without any problems. It flooded again, and now I can't get it to start. Has anybody else had this problem? Any info will be appreciated.

3rd Feb 2011, 20:24

Okay, well let me start off, my dad is an owner of a 93 Z34, he has had it for 10 years now.

Since buying it, the timing belt has broke one time, but my dad is an ASE certified mechanic with 36 years of experience, so that makes things easy.

With the timing belt problems, I have seen a lot on this blog; it's the car cutting off all of a sudden. I will say it's usually the car is a click or two out of time. While installing a new timing belt, you have to turn the cams so many clicks, and this can be difficult, but I can say with my dad's experience, that the car had less power and cut off suddenly at low speeds.

Lately my dad has had a new paint job. Went with the OE black colors and had the OE decals. Has also had the inductions on the hood, has had the vents painted red, and the dash has been painted red also.

For anyone needing parts for a Z34, email me at justinhysmith@yahoo.com. Have a spare parts car 1993 Z34 blk... need an info, email or Facebook me, Justin Hysmith, Phenix City, Alabama.

4th May 2011, 15:07

Yea, other parts that may need changing are as follows: EVERYTHING!

I have a 93 Z34 and it's an awesome car, but working on the car is almost not worth owning it, and once one thing goes wrong with it, most of the time you end up spending tons of money and time trying to fix the problem and end up coming nowhere close to what was actually wrong with it.

I wouldn't recommend anyone getting this car if they are not a VERY experienced mechanic.

21st Jun 2011, 05:59

I have 92 Lumina 5 speed black on red. I have a problem with it idling up to high when I start it up.

22nd Nov 2011, 12:46

Hi, I have the same problem with my 93 Chevy Lumina. The A/C front vents will not blow out, but the windshield vent, the floor vent, and the defrost vents all blow fine; it is only the front A/C vents (also it seems to not want to blow any cold air, but it's winter, it's not a huge concern right now).

I found a disconnected hose next to the brake booster, but I can't find where it goes to in the area it's in. It has a red clamp on it, and looks like it was cut.

24th Jan 2012, 12:51

They are a good car, but if something goes wrong, do you have lots of money to get it fixed? I had one and love it, but when it did needed repairs, it cost me lots of money to get it fixed.