1978 Chevrolet Malibu Classic 305 V8 from North America


Timeless design, rough execution


There was a small area (.5"x.5") of 'solvent popping' (no paint adhesion) on the body.

Rear bumper was missing a 1" square area of chrome.

4-Speed floor shifter broke off (nylon pin held shifter to linkage - the pin broke). Drove 20 miles to nearest dealer in 2nd gear (the only gear I could find). Had problems when car was about 2 months old.

Weld in clutch linkage broke, clutch plate worn out by time I could get to dealer (ironically I was looking at new cars that day). Car was about 5 years old at that time.

Bad crimp on spade lug inside distributor, resulting in an inability to start car - sometimes. Dealer could never locate problem, eventually found by an EE in the parking lot where I worked one time when it happened. First year of ownership.

Engine had noisy lifters, which I understand is a common problem of those engines. Started within the first year. Dealers would never address. Eventually found that there was a 'secret warranty' - but only right after said warranty was withdrawn...

Parking brake stopped working at about the 4-year mark.

Headliner fell.

Trim on bucket seats wore through, exposing plastic rod that shaped trim.

6 years in I was driving in a residential area when the right front wheel and suspension came off the car at the ball joints. I examined the problem, and put the wheel assembly back in place, re-attached the tie-rod and then drove (!) the car 3 miles to the nearest dealer. I drove slowly and carefully, turning as widely as possible. Dealer was shocked that I drove it there - I was too.

General Comments:

Really good looking car; there is a timelessness to the lines of that car that make a car that still looks good. I also had two-tone paint (blue/blue), sport wheels, bucket seats, full instrumentation, etc.)

Was a good performing car for the time; The V8 + 4-speed resulted in a car that could not only accelerate well, but also got decent gas mileage. The F41 suspension and optional (wider) wheels on my car made for a car that handled surprisingly well.

...I custom-ordered this car from the factory 'back in the day' when you could still do this; It was my dream car of the time. It was a great-looking car, with a good design, but very bad build quality.

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Review Date: 11th March, 2010

1978 Chevrolet Malibu Classic Estate Station Wagon 305 CID from North America


A definite SLEEPER!


Frame rails in the back got thin (typical of the model)

Being an (ORIGINAL FACTORY 4 SPEED CAR), I did DRAG race this car, so I did break a few things, but nothing I couldn't repair (correctly)!

General Comments:

A very nice family friendly car. You can fit (6).

I am the second owner of the car, I have been trying to find out if anyone can help me with production numbers or rarity of this car??? VIN 1W35U8K568317.

Have every receipt since day one. Have Build sheet, Order sheet, Window Sticker.


It has full instrumentation (no Idiot Lights), Factory Tach., Posi., 305 CID V8, and of course a 4 Speed.

Still all Matching Numbers.

Beat a 340 4 Speed Duster (he was sleeping at the lights).

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Review Date: 10th October, 2009

1978 Chevrolet Malibu Classic Landau 305 from North America


It's a keeper


Rear of the chassis rusted out.

Heat riser ticks.

Gas tank rusted out.

Transmission blew in 2003.

Surface body rust.

General Comments:

All around great car.

Has been in my family since new- Most reliable vehicle we've ever owned, aside from the small problems like the rear of the chassis rusting out and the tranny going.

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Review Date: 18th July, 2005

1978 Chevrolet Malibu Classic 305 from North America


The Bucket


I replaced the alternator,& all of the front suspension (for the hydraulics).I added a shift kit on the transmission, for a firmer shift.But other than that I have never had any other problem's,even after all the abuse of hydraulic's.

General Comments:

Even with all the weight of the hydraulics, the engine still drives strong. The "bucket" as all my friends call it, is a great running car and I don't think that I would ever sell it. And I've had plenty of offer's.I love my two door!

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Review Date: 18th October, 2004