1978 Chevrolet Malibu sedan 3.3L 200 Cu. In. V6 from North America


Great car, very dependable, economical, and good looking


The transmission was rebuilt.

The seats are worn, and the interior plastic is faded.

Valve job done at 199000.

New choke on the carb.

New radiator at 205000.

Weatherstripping had to be replaced, & windshield & rear window had to be resealed.

Other than that, no problems here!

General Comments:

Overall, I can't complain. My Malibu has been a great car.

I paid 3000 for it used almost 18 years ago.

It's a nice looking sedan, & has an excellent heater & windshield defrosters. It's like the car has a furnace instead of a heater core.

The 200 V6, & manual trans provides great fuel economy, & better performance than a 200 & an automatic.

The ride that this car has is unbelievable for a basic car. It rides like a much larger & better equipped car than it is. Even with the high mileage.

Like the Monte I owned before it, you just can't kill this thing. Almost 400,000, & still runs as strong as the day I bought it.

Only has 1 factory option- AM radio. Yes kids, there was a time when a car could be purchased without a radio from the factory.

Bare bones all the way down to the dog dish hubcaps & 3 speed manual trans. No power steering, power brakes, A/C, none of that on this one.

This Malibu has been very faithful to me, & I will drive it till it drops. My beige beauty is also an excellent workhorse. I wish Chevy would make new ones as dependable & nice looking as my 78.

My friend has an 80 coupe with a 267 V8 & an automatic trans with 255,000 on it, & his runs like a top too. Great cars, dependable, good looking & won't kill your budget.

I love it!

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Review Date: 9th December, 2002

12th Jan 2003, 10:23

I loved mine. The 'Grey Goose'. '78 Malibu 2 door sport coupe, 200 v-6, 3 speed stick. Drove it all through high school, military service. Changed engines several times in search of v-8 power. 400 small block and Saginaw 4 speed, 500 Caddy and th400, 396 and Muncie 4 speed. Always ended up with 6'er and 3 speed back in it. None of the others measured up in terms of reliability. Lost it to theft about 12 years ago. Still miss it.

23rd Nov 2003, 16:57

My 1978 Malibu finally died in August of 2003. Although the red interior was faded and the headliner sagged, people were always asking me if I wanted to sell my car (2 door sedan). Everything on it was original, including the AM radio. It was a reliable automatic transmission vehicle with a 203 6-cylinder engine. I did have to repair the frame rails before it would pass the safety and had some difficulty finding good ones. All the cars I looked at had the same problem.

The catalytic converter went the first year I drove it and I replaced the timing chain the following year, but other than that I had no mechanical difficulties in the 6 years I owned it. It never left me stranded. A friend's mother had purchased it new and I bought it from the estate for $100 in 1997.

I've heard rumors that a guy wants it for restoration as a muscle car. I didn't have the time or energy to advertise it, but it'd be well worth the investment.