1981 Chevrolet Malibu 267 ci from North America


This is the best car I have owned and it was a used one at that


Nothing, since I have owned it!

General Comments:

Bought it used at a garage sale in 1994 for $800.00. Put front pads and rotors on it right away. Put front pads and rotors on it in 2004. Have never seen the rear brakes! One starter, a couple of mufflers, tires, one battery and valve stem seals. rebuilt the carb once.

Handles very well, stops on a dime and rides very smoothly.

Unfortunately the front seat is literally worn right out and there are cracks in the dash. The windshield is getting foggy around the edges.

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Review Date: 11th October, 2006

1981 Chevrolet Malibu Landau Coupe 350 c.i. V8 from North America


Original car, a beauty when polished up a little


Gages died.

New Alternator.

Little rust on body.

Some squeaks, nothing major.

General Comments:

I have just purchased a 1981 Malibu Landau Coupe with a 350. I need to know where I can get parts.

This engine should be able to rip pretty good, does anyone know the weight of these cars.

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Review Date: 11th September, 2005

27th Sep 2005, 23:07

Ha-Ha no I don't. But I was just curious if anyone had an idea. How big of a difference would it make putting 3.73 gears in for my 350?

1981 Chevrolet Malibu Classic V6 from North America


Sporty and is a terrific handling and driving car


I bought the car from the original owner a month ago in pristine condition. The only negative is that when I start it the heater fan is noisy. I believe that is is dry or off-balance since the car has not been used much. I notice that there is not much head room for me since I am 6'4" but I love the car. I owned a 1983 Malibu in 1984 and had to replace the starter, but they are terrific cars.

General Comments:

I thought about putting a high performance engine in this car along with 18" wheels to make it a "looker" but I get so many thumbs up now, I am reconsidering. With its boxy style, I believe it may find its place in history right next to the mid 60's Novas.

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Review Date: 30th December, 2004

31st Dec 2004, 13:21

Why would you bother with a performance engine and 18" wheels?

It would still be a four-door sedan. And boxy styling was hardly rare for cars in late'70s/early '80s.

Should of gotten a Monte Carlo.

25th Feb 2005, 15:10

The guy that commented on your posting does not know what he is talking about. I have a 81 two door and it looks great. I also installed a 350cid motor and trans what a nice car. I will never part with it.

1981 Chevrolet Malibu Wagon 231 V6 3.8 Liter from North America


Lots of parts out there, just look.


The only thing that has not gone wrong with my Malibu is the frame, quarter panels, and doors.

General Comments:

My Father bought this car in 1983 from a used car lot.

He traded a mid 70s Toyota and gave $3,300. It has had 5 motor and transmissions. Everything from a 400 to a 229.

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Review Date: 9th September, 2004

1981 Chevrolet Malibu Classic Estate Wagon 305 from North America


Reliable and inexpensive transportation


Water pump was leaking.

Carburetor was causing car to run poorly, gas mileage was bad.

Camshaft lobes were worn.

Coil springs were soft.

Air conditioning compressor locked up.

Floor boards and inner wheel wells rusted out.

General Comments:

It has generally been a good car, that is easy and inexpensive to fix. Once the motor and suspension parts were replaced, it handles well and has good power. The gas mileage is still a concern. This car will last a long time with minor maintenance.

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Review Date: 3rd August, 2004

1981 Chevrolet Malibu 2dr coupe 229 from North America


The classic sleeper


I had to replace the 3.8L engine because of the rings wore down creating quite a bit of smoke.

5 days after replacing the engine with another 3.8 that I got from a relative, that engine threw a rod bearing and the replaced transmission started slipping.

I replaced the door hinges since they are bigger doors.

I put an antenna in since the built in the windshield ones don't work very well.

There is some rusting, but in Wisconsin that's to be expected with our winters.

The interior plastics have faded some and the headliner does sag.

But what would we expect after 23 years.

General Comments:

They don't build quality cars like this anymore.

There is more than enough room inside the car, in the trunk and under the hood all within a car that isn't too large.

Although not the most stylish, the bench seats in my

Malibu are incredibly soft.

With only 59,000 miles mine still handles like a sports car.

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Review Date: 21st June, 2004

19th Dec 2005, 14:54

I just bought an 81 Malibu with a 3.8 v6 that I plan on putting a v8 in... did the 81 malibus come with the th-350 tranny or the th-200?

10th Jul 2006, 17:58

Depends on if you have overdrive... that would be the th2004r. anything else would be th350.