1998 Chevrolet Malibu from North America


Can't afford to own this car


The coolant light comes on sporadically.

The ABS had to be replaced.

The theft system light comes on and shuts the car down. This has been checked twice and no one can find out why this happens.

The radio reception has never worked properly.

The air conditioner isn't working properly and needs to be fixed.

Most of these things started happening after 30,000 miles. I still owe two years on this car. As other people in my area seem to be finding out, this is a high maintenance vehicle and not worth what I paid for it!

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Review Date: 19th May, 2001

7th Jun 2001, 07:31

I agree with this review. I have 70,000 miles, and have just put on my fourth set of rotors and pads. (the dealer paid for the first two). When I complained to the dealer, he said that the rear brakes needed to be cleaned and adjusted every 12 - 15,000 miles for this not to happen. I've driven many cars in my life and have never had this problem before.

Now the ABS light comes on. I'm going to the dealer tomorrow to find out how much I have to pay for another problem!!!

I would not recommend this car to a friend, as another owner I know is having the same problem with the brakes at only 9,000 miles!

1998 Chevrolet Malibu LS V-6 from North America


Quality car at a reasonable price

General Comments:

A terrific value at its price, the Malibu has given me everything I have asked for.

While this car is not a performance sedan by any stretch, it is extremely solid. Acceleration is quite good for a sedan, although the automatic transmission will give a noticable jump out of second gear when you floor it.

I have driven this car very hard for two and a half years and have experienced no problems.

I had to have my brakes changed after a year and a half from normal wear. One of the rear speakers blew after a year. But both problems wear handled by my dealer at no cost to me (he gave me a break on the brakes, no pun intended!)

I would highly recommend this car to anyone interested in a 4-door sedan that is loaded with standard features (power everything, ABS, cruise control) and it provides good, reliable performance yet is very reasonably priced.

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Review Date: 1st September, 2000

27th Aug 2001, 08:04

You are most likely the only person that has a decent Malibu. In all honesty I would hope that you would not recommend this car to anyone based upon the vast majority of negative comments. Thank you.

12th Aug 2002, 00:47

Well I also have a Malibu LS 99.

Still runs smoothly, makes no odd noises like some comments I have read. Breaks are dine, paint job still perfect, seats are comfortable. I love driving this car!

So... I suppose here is another positive comment about this car:) I guess it's just like with any car, eventually it might cause problems, so far this one is running beautifully, it all depends on the individual I suppose?

I have visited other forums and have read my share of negative thoughts on other various models and cars.

Hope mine keeps me satisfied for a good while longer.

27th Apr 2003, 12:52

Good luck to both of you! I wish you all the best, with continued maintenance-free performance. I suspect that this will not be the case in a year or two, though. These cars are getting to be notorious for having terrible maintenance records. And, almost everyone records having similar problems. If your car does go sour (and it very likely will), you have my sympathy and the sympathy of all the other disgruntled Malibu owners out there.

6th Jul 2007, 16:11

I couldn't disagree more with 12:52. This car is decent. Yes, it is not without flaws. I do have the infamous engine surge when going on a hill, and yea Chevy could have refined this engine more! It is now 2007, and my Malibu still drives well. Many people have the intake manifold problems (though I've lucked out with no problems with this!), but then again read some of the Toyota complaints and they'll gripe about tranny problems. Which is worse? Any car has it's drawbacks and good sides. I love this car. The next car I get will be the Impala (I want a v8!). Chevy hasn't done me wrong yet. Yes, all cars have flaws, but then again the next time you drive count how many malibus you see. They're possibly the most populated car out there!