1999 Chevrolet Malibu LS from North America


Not worth the headache.


Things that have gone wrong:

Keeping in mind I bought the car used:

So far I have had to have the transmission rebuilt.

At the time of purchase the A/C did not operate unless on 3, 4 or 5 setting.

The rear right passenger window would not operate remotely had to replace wind-up mechanism/motor.

Front end of the car shook when accelerating at high speeds. Purchased new tires and front end alignment which seemed to help, but did not fix the problem.

The engine kept overheating. I replaced the thermostat which seemed to help, but after warming up, the temperature gauge stays at middle reading or higher. I turn off the AC when climbing steep grades to help avoid overheating.

General Comments:

I have taken this car on long trips each about 6,000 plus miles. The car has been a good cruising car with plenty of room for 5 people and luggage. Gas mileage averaged about 30 MPG on the highway which is comparable to other cars of this class.

Despite the transmission rebuild and other problems that I have encountered the Malibu LS has been a decent performer. The power train is strong and there when I needed it. It drives smoothly and holds strong on tight curves.

The LS model I have is either an upgraded version or obsolete since I haven't come across any that are identical to the one I own.

I purchased the car at what I thought was a decent price, but with all the repairs I have had done to the car I no doubt have paid twice as much as I should have. Definitely not worth the aggravation or expense. Probably would not buy Chevy again.

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Review Date: 18th October, 2006

1999 Chevrolet Malibu Base 2.4 Twin Cam from North America


Avoid the Chevrolet Malibu


Brakes needed replacing at 36,000 miles (used after market-parts).

Air Conditioning does not work on speeds 1 and 2.

Wheel bearing sensor went failed at 50,000 miles- repaired at Midas for $430 US dollars.

Replaced crappy AC Delco battery with SEARS DIEHARD GOLD battery- cost $110 US dollars.

Replaced crappy Firestone tires with Dunlop Citation tires- cost $280 + alignment cost.

Struts need replacing- have no money for this repair.

General Comments:

Bottom line: This car is a money pit!!!

I am a college student who gets paid very little. I bought the car at a bargain price, so I have no monthly payments on it (thank God!). I wish I found out this sight before I purchased it even so! I am also horrified of the problems I "will" encounter within the next 10,000 miles- based upon the reviews on this site. I only use the car to go to school, I walk to work and my friend's house because I am scared to put wear and tear on it... I had a chance to buy a 1996 Toyota Corolla SE for about $1,000 more and passed that up for this junk heap (I know I'm an idiot), but I can't sell this car because it has no value at all- and I've spent over one thousand dollars on parts on it (even though it has only 50,000 miles).

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Review Date: 29th September, 2006

5th Dec 2006, 14:00

Update: Today I had to have the front rotors and pads, and left front wheel bearing replaced at Midas today at a cost of $712.67. Not bad considering the labor involved, plus lifetime guarantee on the pads. I recommend all Malibu owners go down this route, it might be more expensive, but in the long run it's worth it. Good luck to everyone.

-Matt Scarborough/ Central Massachusetts.

1999 Chevrolet Malibu from North America




99 malibu The fuel gauge doesn't work.. The radio doesn't come in.. it does start after I get off work some time dies when I driving down the road. I just bought this car. not even put 100 miles on it since I had it. if anybody have any if why it don't want to start please help. I'm tired of taking it in.. and not finding anything wrong with it. the temp gauge goes hot when it sets theres and idles

General Comments:

Help if you can why does it don't start. all the time.

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Review Date: 26th September, 2006