1999 Chevrolet Malibu LS 3.1 V6 from North America


WAY better than I had thought. A very good buy


Passkey I, a real pain. But, just have a copy cut at hardware. Seems to have remedied the problem, at least for me. Haven't had any further trouble since I did that, about 8 months ago. There's a lot of easier fixes on YouTube as well.

Driver's side power window. Went out around 100,000.

Rubber seals around tail lights. Rubber itself is fine, not dry rotted at all, just won't stay in around the tail lights.

General Comments:

Sharp looking, for a mid size car.

Very comfortable seating, especially for back seat passengers, with the center armrest in the back seat.

Extremely comfortable ride on the highway. Smooth, quiet.

Handling in the city is not sporty, at all, but it's well equipped for highway driving. Let's face it though, people who would buy this car, are probably not that into a "European" handling experience anyway.

After all I had read on this car, I was very surprised at how well it has held up.

I bought it used, in 2012, as a 2nd car, just for me to go back and forth to work. It had been a one owner. All the service records were in the glove box. Clean CarFax. Had recently been re-painted back to its original color, so I couldn't comment on the original finish.

What I can say about the car:

1) The interior is comfortable. Seating and cloth is nice, doesn't stain easily and has held up exceptionally well in Florida. No fading or tears.

2) I have NOT put one penny in this car since I bought it at 81000, now at 107000. I haven't even changed the oil. The car has not failed me. Starts every time (barring that darn Passkey I issue)

3) A/C is "OK". Could blow harder, but at least it's blowing cold, and the car stays comfortable, even in the Florida summer.

After all the bad reviews I read on this car, I was expecting a nightmare. Instead, I have been pleasantly surprised. But, consider this; with the number of units Chevrolet sold, I think there were more good ones than bad. I mean, you can't drive up to Walgreen's without seeing at least 8 or 10 of these cars (especially older ones) on the road. So, Chevy must have done something right.

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Review Date: 15th July, 2013

15th Jul 2013, 15:25

I would recommend an oil change ASAP if you want to continue having a trouble free experience.


16th Jul 2013, 13:57

I bought my mom a 2002 Malibu, and she has had no issues. It always looks clean in the white body color. She now has around 75000 miles and drives it daily. Just tires, brakes and regular fluid changes. I have only driven it a few times ever, but was impressed with the performance and nice sound system. She is now 80 and it has been very dependable. I figured she paid for almost all of my college tuition long ago, so the least I could do now is buy her a car or 2 in her old age! I highly recommend doing that if you can for elderly parents on a fixed income today. And you will feel great doing so. Good luck!

29th Jul 2013, 01:47

If you were driving a Toyota without changing your oil for 26,000 miles, your engine would've already sludged up and died. Since it's a Chevy, it won't sludge, but this is way too long of an interval. Should be at least once year or every 6000 miles.

1999 Chevrolet Malibu LS 3.1 from North America


They are hit and miss


My lower intake manifold went out.

ABS light comes on with nothing wrong.

Transmission downshifts into 3rd while driving like 65 to 70 mph. Unless you get on it up a hill, the tranny will jerk and put the check engine light on.

Driver's side leather seat ripped right in the middle.

General Comments:

The car runs good and starts every time, but at the same time my check engine light comes on when the tranny jerks. I replaced the lower intake manifold after I did the water pump. It worked fine for about a month, then the leak started again. I put some Stop Leak in, and it's been flawless since then.

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Review Date: 3rd October, 2011