1999 Chevrolet Malibu Base 2.4L twin cam from North America


I love my little Rocket!


Replaced alternator went out twice (cheapo alternator) ($140).

Replaced original waterpump / timing chain ($600).

Replaced brakes, rotors and shoes, tires, fuel filter, O2 sensors ($400).

Fuel sensor went out (part was $5 at junkyard) ($5).

Entire front wheel replaced (my fault, slid into a curb) ($1,100 insurance covered thank god!)

General Comments:

I love this Malibu. I travel about 50 miles a day between work and school. This car is outstanding!! I get a constant 24 mpg in town, and close to 30 on the highway.

I adore my car, it looks outstanding, runs like a champ, and I get some glances in it.

With the twin cam motor, this car puts out 160 HP. For a little car, it has plenty of power.

I replaced the Firestone tires that were on it when I bought it with Uniroyal Tiger Paw APW 2. What a difference!

I replaced the brake rotors and pads with ceramic pads. The car stops on a dime now.

I am surprised I haven't gotten a speeding ticket yet; I love the feeling when I gun it all the way to the floor. It's like a rocket!

Overall I love my car. Great pick up, good gas mileage, cheap insurance and a sleek body. I don't like all of the plastic on the car, but that's almost any car now!

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Review Date: 22nd January, 2010

1999 Chevrolet Malibu 3.1 V6 from North America


Most reliable well built car I ever had


The only problems this car has had was the alternator went out at 95,000.

The intake gasket had to be replaced at 162,000.

Drivers door window switches needed to be replaced at 250,000 miles.

General Comments:

This Malibu has been the most reliable and long lasting vehicle I have ever owned. This car went nearly a year and 60,000 miles with little or no maintenance when my wife was ill. This car never once left us on the side of the road.

This car is very well built. It has never leaked a drop of anything. The motor is so well built that she does not use a drop of oil in the 25,000 between oil changes. The transmission has been just as reliable. As well as smooth shifting.

The body is very solid it has endured many mishaps, including a landing from being launched 7 foot in the air after swerving to miss a deer and hitting an embankment. After replacing the struts and tires, not to mention a stop at the body shop for a dented quarter panel, it was driving again.

These cars are not the most luxurious or sporty, but they got it where it counts. Thank Chevrolet for a very well built car.

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Review Date: 9th September, 2009

1999 Chevrolet Malibu LS 3.1 from North America


You want real prestige and luxury? Well this is the car for you!


NOTHING but general maintenance in the last 70,000+ mile's I owned this car. It is God's gift to the road!

General Comments:

Luxurious, quick, powerful! The torque on this car is wonderful! NUMBER ONE in my book! It's a behemoth luxury sedan, engineered perfectly and designed for the luckiest people in the world. This car has pedigree. The Malibu is simply the best out there, nothing like it!!!

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Review Date: 15th May, 2009

1999 Chevrolet Malibu Base 3.1L V6 from North America


Don't give one to your worst enemy! Sell before it gets you!


Transmission shudder.

Coolant leak.

Leather tore.

DRL module short! Horrible and very dangerous to have a major electrical short while driving.

Airbag light comes on randomly.

Service vehicle soon is always on!

A/C works when it wants on its own time "even if off" will come on sometimes.

Fan motor is bad, and relays behind the panel are bad; either hurricane or nothing.

Brakes squeal and pulsate, even after new pads and rotors!

Bad torque steer with front wheel drive.

3.1L V6 is a glorious weed whacker motor. Doesn't get much better than my old V8.

Has had starting problems some times when it's humid out.

Radio will lock and cost you money every time the battery is removed for a charge, or even a change!

NO TRANS DIPSTICK; sealed transmission.

Dexcool coolant is very corrosive and has eaten through the lines.

Misses when the A/C is on.

Shifting is lazy and drawn out.

Tight area to work under hood.

Cup holders are kinda weird; "driver side near turn signal switch"; small cups only!

Cheap door panels chatter and make a noise, and rattle no matter how much the screws are tightened.

Dash panel is dim and not bright.

Glove box rattles over bumpy roads.

Gets pushed around on the highway, and cannot handle turns.

Shocks and struts make a noise, and are very sloppy for a car of its size.

Has no passing power on interstates.

A classic GM car!

General Comments:

It's got 4 wheels and runs. Dark blue chrome wheels.

This car was driven to the Gulf and back by an old man before I got it.

I knew the old man, and he babied all his cars. This car is in mint condition, and those issues were still there.

The paint and inside are immaculate to the eye.

But expensive repairs and annoying ticks lurk!

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Review Date: 14th May, 2009

15th May 2009, 14:01

Sounds like a class action suit waiting to happen!

12th Nov 2009, 21:05

Are you sure your driving it right??? I mean: COME ON! CAN'T TAKE TURNS??? How fast are you going?

13th Nov 2009, 17:29

Slow?? Are used to driving a jet or something?? Mine has the same motor and it has way more power than I need. I am 45 and do not drive fast though...