2005 Chevrolet Malibu 3.5 from North America


This car is for everyone!


I only have two small things that went wrong with the car.

First, the windshield had to be replaced twice due to debris hitting and instantly making a large crack, both times spreading from passenger side to driver's side. This was not a manufacturing problem, but rather just bad luck in cold weather.

The second thing that happened was the seatbelt light. This is the only actual manufacturing issue I have come across in the four months I have had it. Randomly, even when my seatbelt is buckled, the light comes on and you hear the "ding". It gets quite annoying. My seatbelt works fine, but it must be a sensor somewhere. It's just something I have to learn to ignore. I have not seen any recalls on seatbelt issues with the '05 Malibu.

General Comments:

Going from the '99 Geo Prizm, to the '05 Malibu was a HUGE jump. Having this car while living in a medium to high wealth neighborhood makes me feel like I fit in more. Besides that, this car is VERY comfortable and that is what everyone says when they come into my car. I drive very far from my home to work, to home to school and often, I drive 300 miles to Maine. My car was previously owned by a company that easily put on many miles. No major issues were reported. Driving in a high populated area with this car is also another positive thing. Getting on the highway with this car is simple, and you certainly don't have to "gun" it. This car just takes off and safely lets you on the highway.

Space is also another awesome thing about this car. If you are a person who likes to take long trips, and needs to bring a lot of things, this is a great car. Directed toward teenagers, this car is a great size for subwoofers and other speakers, and you still have room for your gym bag! This trunk is HUGE. If you are a middle aged man and you are a man of the mafia, forget the Cadillac! This car has LOTS of room.

Let's face it, the '05 Malibu is a car fit for everyone unless you are someone who doesn't like power, space, and comfort... hmm, if you're out there, you are most likely alone.

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Review Date: 14th February, 2008

2005 Chevrolet Malibu LS 3.6L from North America




Shortly after purchasing this car the steering gear went out which led to the power steering occasionally going out. Because the power steering is a new computer system, it of course would not act up when the dealer replaced the steering gear. 5 months later the steering gear went out again and I now have no power steering 90% of the time. Dealers have told me they have little trouble with this new power steering, but mine has been a nightmare. Now, I'm fighting with the dealers to fix my car (it is now out of warranty) because the did not fix it when it was under warranty.

General Comments:

Good pickup and power.

Very uncomfortable interior.

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Review Date: 6th July, 2007

7th Jul 2007, 13:34

Ask your dealer how long their repairs are warranted for. I was able to get rid of my '04 Malibu under the lemon law for multiple steering unit failures. The electric steering in this car is deadly. I was able to swap for an Impala, for which I was not sorry. A totally different car. Keep fighting. Also, go to the NHTSA website. You will find HUNDREDS of Malibu electric steering failures. Register a complaint with them.

2005 Chevrolet Malibu 2.2 DOHC 4 cylinder from North America


Great styling, great gas mileage, great buy


I have noticed a "thud", for lack of a better term, in the steering wheel. When I turn the wheel one way or the other, then back again, it seems like it has a little play in the column. Not sure if it is related to the rack and pinion? The electric power steering is something that is new to me. I am going to have it checked out.

Also, the speakers tend to distort with the volume barely turned up.

General Comments:

I bought the car because my new job takes me 170 miles round trip per day, and I needed something that is good on gas. It gets 34.6 on the highway, and that is with some hilly terrain and the air on. I was really impressed. I went 520 miles on a tank of gas {16.3 gallon tank}, which I thought was awesome considering my truck got 12 miles to the gallon.

The trip computer on the dash is cool with all of the info that it supplies.

I am 6'2' with a big frame and the car is surprisingly comfortable. Plenty of head and leg room, just not as wide as I would like.

Overall a great buy? It's nice to have an American car with the characteristics of the more expensive Japanese cars. Go Chevy!!

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Review Date: 11th May, 2007

8th Oct 2007, 06:44

It's a pretty good chance that it is the rack and pinion. My mother has the exact same vehicle and that's what happened to her car. Would have been either 600 or 900 canadian dollars. I forget which one. Since 2005 that was the only thing besides the tires that had to be replaced. Good car.

28th May 2008, 14:00

The Malibu's have that problem with their rack and pinions. Wait it out and hold out until it's a big danger, report the problem with the steering and it could be made into a recall item, that is what I am counting on. Other than that, that has been the ONLY problem in 88,000 miles!