8th Jul 2007, 09:30

Is this the 'varible assist' electronic steering? What years are affected?

The 'Classic' version does not have this, correct?

6th Aug 2007, 17:32

I have a 2005 Chevrolet Malibu, (not the Classic), and I have 34,000 miles on mine and yes I just had the steering gear replaced... and it did NOT solve the problem. The car still makes the exact same groaning noise when the motor is up to temperature and the steering wheel is turned to the left at low speeds and when stopped. I had the steering gear replaced at the dealership where I purchased the car and I am very disappointed that the problem was not fixed. I have read numerous accounts of owners of 2005 Malibus that are experiencing the exact same problem that I am having.

8th Aug 2007, 12:35

I have this car (2005 Malibu Maxx LS V6) for about a year now. Its nearing 16k miles now. Absolutely no problems whatsoever! Smooth, powerful, fun to drive. Has a solid feel, no rattles or noises, unless you're on really bad road.

Lots and lots of options. Love the power adjustable accelerator and brake pedals, adjustable horizontally and vertically steering wheel, power seat, adjustable rear seats which move front back and fold over. Rear moon roof is really cool. Very roomy. 6 disc stereo. Rear entertainment center with 2 wireless headphones.

It is very good on gas as well. It gets about 31 mpg on highway.

The only very minor thing that I don't like is that this car has an electronic throttle. Which I believe has slower response than the one which uses cable.

6th Dec 2007, 14:04

I don't care at all for the drivers side plastic floor mat hook. The OEM floor mats wore out long ago, and the car is only an 05, but now with any after market floor mats I buy, the left corner sticks up from that stupid hook...