2006 Chevrolet Malibu LTZ MAXX 3.5 from North America


I love it, despite some imperfections


Annoying clunking noise in the column when turning. Column changed at 103,000KM.

Noise starting to re-surface after only 5000KM sigh.

Some rust starting to creep under the paint at gate.

Sometimes the heat just quits for no reason.

General Comments:

Good on gas. Av. 8.5L/100KM despite a heavy foot.

Quick, good acceleration, ballsy.

Handles OK, but lag in the steering makes it unpredictable.

Comfortable suspension; not too hard, not too soft.

Comfortable seats front and back.

Lots of room front and back (I'm 6'5").

Interior looks great, very functional.

Love the radio / drive array.

Good quality sound out of the speakers.

Leather seats are a plus.

Heated seats are a plus.

Entertainment system is a plus.

Manual shifter perfect in stop and go traffic.

Love the sunroof and moon roof out back.

The car looks great.

Nice wheels, large tires.

Hatchback a plus, lots of cargo room.

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Review Date: 7th April, 2011

2006 Chevrolet Malibu LT 2.2 4 cylinder from North America


This is simply the best car in this segment for the money, period..


Seats get dirty easily, but also clean easily.

Steering column makes a noise at times, turn signal doesn't always cancel after a turn.

General Comments:

This car is a gem. Even with the few annoying complaints listed, it is a car that is hard not to love. It is like a puppy dog that has made a few mistakes during house training. I hear the complaints I have about mine have been addressed in the newer model.

I am somewhat of a car nut. I drive a LOT, easily 40k per year. This car eats up the miles and is the cheapest car to maintain I have ever had. It has needed nothing but oil changes and runs PERFECT. It is fast (for the type of car), it gets fantastic mileage for the size of vehicle; 34 hwy, average 50/50 about 29mpg. Those are insane numbers for a mid size car in this price range. You can get an older Accord or Camry that might match those numbers, but they will cost you twice as much to purchase. The newer Hondas and Toyotas don't do that well on gas unless you get hybrid models.

If you want very comfortable, very reliable, ice cold AC, great stock stereo (I AM serious), that handles like a performance car from maybe a decade ago, has the best safety features on the market (bar none) for half or less than what you would pay for a comparable Japanese brand, then this is your car.

I have to say I am now a GM convert. I have been Ford loyal in the past (until the Taurus, I had 3 before I swore off Fords forever). I have had Nissan, Toyota, Honda, Mercedes, Volvo, you name it. While this Chevy is not as stylish as the European brands, it is FAR more reliable and much cheaper to maintain (HELLO, THERE ARE ZERO MAINTENANCE COSTS OTHER THAN OIL!! - TRANNY AND TUNE UP AT 100K miles cost me under 200 bucks, and I am ready to go another 100K).

I have ZERO doubt this car will make it over 200K miles without issue. When was the last time you could say that about an American car, huh? I am serious here folks. This car runs PERFECT, uses NO OIL, LEAKS NOTHING, and has 110K miles!! My sister's Honda is making lifter noises, costs more than twice as much to maintain, is too small, and gets about the same mileage. Plus, she paid more than twice what I paid!

This car is a no brainer. I will keep it till its wheels fall off! I am going to buy the next generation model for my wife. Some people wonder why this guy that always had a Mercedes or Volvo is now driving Chevys. The answer >>> GM is making the best damn cars for the money, that's why!!!

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Review Date: 22nd June, 2010