12th Mar 2008, 11:18

Original reviewer:

I am now putting anywhere from 300 to about 1500 miles a month now due to breaks and things from college. Still has given me good reliability though I wouldn't call it superb. Since I mainly use the cruise control, I get around 31-34 miles to the gallon. Don't know how I started getting that kind of mileage, as a few months ago I averaged 28.

19th May 2008, 18:37

Original Owner:

Car is still going. I've not the intake gasket problem that plagues this vehicle (knocks on wood), though sometimes I wish this car had more refinement. The car idles a tad on the rough side. Not a huge deal and you barely notice it but, again this car is seven years old. Highway mileage is a solid 28. That's pretty respectable, though nowadays that's slightly below average. Over still a great purchase, so I'll hang on for about 3 or so more years then I'll opt for a new Chevy.

19th Jul 2008, 13:10

Original Owner:

Car still running strong. The burst in fuel economy that I saw quickly diminished. I average about 20 mpg per tank. That isn't too pleasing. For a car with only 170 hp V6 engine, I expected economy to be better. They have inline 4's that produce more horsepower and have far better fuel economy.

As far as some of the other car makers, this car simply isn't as refined. However I do know that when I put my key into the ignition, she starts with no problems.

She isn't the most powerful engine (she's actually puny considering it's a V6), but when floored she does provide a decent burst of speed (and I love the growl she produces).

Long trips aren't luxury quality, but more than bearable. She has a MASSIVE trunk for a car this size, and she seats a full car load rather comfortably.

As far as looks and comforts, it is rather boring but very practical and it works.

Performance on the other hand needs refinement, though not dismal or dreadful. I still have not encountered (and I pray I never do), the intake manifold problem, the engine surge fixed itself, but braking still sucks.

If economy were better this would be awesome (though hwy isn't bad).

Overall I would say this car wasn't stunning but not a bad drive. Still a good first car. I'm thankful.