24th Sep 2010, 14:08

My wife and I just recently bought a 2010 Malibu base model. What an awesome car. It has the 4 cyl, but you wouldn't know it. It get 30 mpg. We took it to the mountains of Tennessee and it performed well. What a comfortable luxury car. It is such a great car that I doubt that resale will be an issue.

25th Sep 2010, 10:42

Our neighbors just bought a new Malibu and love it. We checked out the Malibu before buying our Fusion and were very impressed. We just couldn't get the deal we wanted.

As for resale, we never worry about it anyway, but the Fusion has already surpassed Camry in resale value, and people never understand that you ALWAYS come out far better with domestics anyway, because your initial purchase price is several grand lower than comparable imports. If you pay 5 grand less and sell for 2 grand less, you are still AHEAD by 3 grand any way you figure it, plus you have a much more reliable and safer car with a far better warranty.

24th Oct 2010, 20:49

Not if you want a sub-compact. I wanted to support Chevrolet when I bought a small car in 2007. Their only offering was the awful Chevrolet Aveo. That car is on many ten worst lists, and resale value is awful. It's poor fuel efficiency is a constant complaint of owners. I wisely invested in a used Toyota Echo. It has very good resale value in Canada, where I live, and it's performed flawlessly with good fuel efficiency. There are no safety issues with it either.

30th Jan 2011, 02:48

Chevy Aveo and Chevy Malibu are not in the same class. Why make a comment about a Aveo on a Malibu posting? They only have about a 10,000 dollar price difference. I have 2010 Malibu. MPG is awesome, quality is awesome.

22nd Apr 2011, 20:19

I made the comment because the previous poster made a generalized statement about how you 'always come out better with a domestic.' That implies ALL domestic cars are better than foreign, no matter what the class. That's a very generalized and false statement. But since it's so important to talk about the Malibu, I would take a Ford Fusion over a Malibu in a heartbeat. Ford is so far ahead of GM, it's almost unbelievable.

23rd Apr 2011, 22:02

Both the Fusion and Malibu are good cars in terms of quality, but the Ford's are known for bad transmissions..

24th Apr 2011, 14:02

I'd still take the Fusion. Better car from a better company. GM is not in the same league as Ford.

24th Apr 2011, 23:52

I see these statements, and have to assume the commenter is confusing Ford with Honda (who does have transmission problems). I've never known anyone who had transmission issues with a Ford. We've owned several Fords, and kept one well over 300,000 miles. Never a problem with the transmission or anything else.

25th Apr 2011, 11:47

Do a search on Fusion tranny problems. It is starting to become a bigger issue on these cars!

16th Jan 2013, 06:34

Ford Freestar Torque Converter. Search that one and see how many problems Ford has. Beyond that, it was a good van.

16th Jan 2013, 12:44

I own a Freestar. I have not had any problems with it whatsoever. I have not had the torque converter problem that many people have commented about. I now have over 130,000 miles on it. I change all my fluids at 30,000 mile intervals on all my cars, and do oil changes every 4,000 miles.

I also used to own a 1999 Malibu. The Malibu was junk. GM shipped a car to the dealership that was missing paint on the bottom of the doors, and the window glass in the doors also had big chips on it. The dealership that sold me the car had to remove all the doors in their body shop in order to apply paint to the bottoms. The doors were nothing but bare metal on the bottom when the car left the factory. Also, the Malibu had an anti-lock brake control module that failed during the first 17,000 miles.

My Ford Freestar is much better made than my GM Malibu was. I also own two GM Chevrolet Impalas, and have had nothing but problems with both of them.

16th Jan 2013, 22:36

The new Corvette from GM is unbelievable.