11th Mar 2017, 18:09

Please explain to everyone what a B platform is. Yes they made both. If it were pre 2005, we could get John D. involved.

11th Mar 2017, 19:06

Excellent comments on the Pontiac Grand Prix. I have been following this review and you provide a myriad of good points :)

I like the Monte Carlo, cousin to the Grand Prix, and you are right. From 1970 onward both vehicles were on the same frame and were "intermediate" - another word for midsize.

12th Mar 2017, 04:32


Original poster here.

Yes, the was the same GM who built the Vega.

Thankfully, the "Vega Philosophy" had not made it to the rest of the product line. Yet.

Stay tuned for the report on the replacement vehicle for this car ;)

12th Mar 2017, 16:04

04:32. Are you ever going to share what perfect import you drive? The fixation on the Vega with over 100 years of GM standouts totally boggles the imagination. One could spend an entire day or longer with the 60s era alone. Amazing period. I am sure all of us would like to hear the infallible perfect import. If you are not willing to share make, model and year, then it must not be be correct? Let's end the suspense. Just asking in a nice way, as I like to learn what I missed in 1974. I have some great European ones in mind. Haven't heard about the mystery model you had.

13th Mar 2017, 09:39

Anyway back on topic vs Vegas. My mother missed a 74, but later ordered a brand new 75 2 door "Classic" series option and it was a silver with dark red cloth interior model. As I recall it was around $4500 new. It's interesting that you could order one with different grille options. The nicer version option was the Classic which gave a much better look, especially the interior. I even liked the sporty wheels and even the new spring loaded hood ornament! These cars had a nice ride and handled well. They were a fairly roomy car with a nice size trunk. They were a mid size car which made parking easier. She never had any serious issues and kept it for some time. I drove it very frequently.

I would like to read a review on someone that owned the later rare SE model. The swivel buckets were very cool. I wasn't a big fan of the Laguna version; to me a bit too much on the styling, especially spoilers. The later Malibu body styling that followed wasn't one that appealed to me either. They dropped the Chevelle name at that time.

She started buying the smaller body 2 door Olds Cutlass. They looked pretty good and had bucket seats and console. The V8 was a bit smaller in this Olds than the 305 in the Monte Carlo. I don't recall her having any serious issues in this car. She would always buy new cars vs other peoples problems as she described it. She had very good luck with her 70s era cars.

20th Mar 2017, 17:16

You are asking 04:32 what import from the 70's they owned. You do realize that they are the author of this 74 Malibu review and they posted another on a 77 Malibu shortly after?

20th Mar 2017, 20:42

Yes, I realize that. It was not referring to their comments.

22nd Mar 2017, 02:30

Why do you assume I both own an import, and have never driven a classic domestic car?