3rd Feb 2004, 06:36

I have a 1997 Malibu with the common intake manifold gasket problem. I have had other problems including a mechanical failure of the ignition switch. I had to destroy the old switch to remove it from the column. My Malibu also rattles like crazy. I think the rear deck is loose and rattles on metal.

I'll have to repair the intake manifold gasket, but I plan on getting rid of the car after I do since I've heard of so many common problems with this model.

3rd May 2005, 10:34

I too have a 1997 Malibu - while I do not have the engine problems described I have had the fan speed control go out 3 times - the brake speed sensor (antilock brakes) go out 3 times. The Rear tail light leaked and was recalled for replacement - they mismatched and could not find one to match. (Mine have a Magenta Stripe). The dealer says this is impossible - the vehicle came new FROM that dealership! I called GM - and they do not know. The steering assembly was defective which caused an accident. The recall notice arrived 6 months after the accident, and strangely enough just outside of the product liability timeline. The culture at GM Chevrolet is obviously they do not give a crap. Do not buy GM products.

26th Dec 2006, 22:51

I have owned my 1997 Malibu for almost six years. It recently passed the 100K mile mark and things have been horrible ever since. I have had to replace the alternator and battery ($450) and the fuel injector regulator ($450) this year. The intake manifold system has to be fixed ($800) and the ABS warning light comes on now. The fan speed control has not worked for at least a year. There are bubbles in the paint directly under the gas cap door. I used to love my car, but now all I want to do is get rid of it. I have found that it is more trouble that I can handle!!!

23rd Dec 2007, 16:47

This car is such an unbelievable piece of junk. If I knew when I bought it what I know now, I'd never have gone near it. I wouldn't have bought it brand new for a quarter of the asking price. I'd list all the problems I've had, but I don't want to write a book.I'll just mention the last problem. The hollow cam shaft snapped, which then caused the timing chain to snap, etc, etc. Motor gone at 60,000 miles. I had it towed to the Scrap yard and insisted on watching it be crushed. That gave me some satisfaction. There was no way I was going to fix it and sell it to some other poor sucker.

I will "NEVER, EVER" buy another G.M. product. I've owned many cars, they have all needed work at times, (brakes, tires, alternators, etc,).This car always had something wrong with it. If it was an engine problem, the mechanics had a hell of a time trying to diagnose it, as the computer would say everything is fine, when it obviously was not.

So if you think, Wow that's a great price for a newer car, There's a reason.

18th Aug 2008, 10:11

It seems pointless to write the same thing everyone else has written but it is true! My 1997 chevy Malibu was in great shape (or so I thought) when I bought it just over a year ago. Since then it has started leaking coolant (to nowhere), gobbling up brakes, clicking like crazy all the time (sounds like the signal light on steroids) and now the fuel injection system is starting to crap out on me... I fear it's time to say goodbye before I have to spend more on repairs than I paid for the car!

14th May 2009, 15:46

I just purchased a 97 Malibu. I hope all goes well.

25th Jun 2012, 19:47

Interesting what you say about the "turn signal on steroids". My mother has a 1997 Malibu sedan that does the same thing. So far, there has been no solution to this problem.