18th Feb 2006, 15:41

I have the same problem with the air conditioning. I add freon... I lose freon. I have had it checked, but they say there are no leaks. I'm in Houston, TX and the whole no AC thing stinks : (

Other than that... I LOVE IT!!

Not flashy at all, but it is the absolute most reliable car I think ever made. It is the one car my hubby and I will never ever trade in. My brother has a much older metro and has never ever had a single problem with it. I think the air conditioning problem was just in the 98's.

My friends joke about my "egg", but I have picked up those same friends up from on side the road b/c their cars failed, so HA HA HA!! I love my "egg".

18th Feb 2007, 07:19

Same problem on my 98 Std Hatchback. Found the leak, repaired and then it started blowing seals on the compressor. Three compressors later and no air in Florida. Still trying to find problem - solution looking like buying a new car. Air was a problem since day one of buying car new in 98. Dealer claimed could never find leak until it went out of warranty. Finally went somewhere else. Think it must be that these cars should never have had air!

17th Oct 2007, 11:28

I think some of you have had bad luck. I have a 98 Metro with 161,000 miles on the original compressor/A/C system. I have added small amounts of freon (approx 1/3 can per year) the last couple of years, but the air works like a champ - ice cold in the summer - and St. Louis gets pretty hot and humid.

I have owned over 100 cars in my lifetime, and this is one of the most reliable I have had. It is definitely the cheapest to drive, own and maintain.