1997 Chevrolet Monte Carlo LS 3.1 from North America


Looks real good, but to costly of a car


Since 2001 I have replaced the head gasket.

Struts front and back.

Body rust by the gas tank door 3 times.

Transmission was just replaced.

Had the air conditioning condenser replaced today.

Ball joints were replaced.

Tie rods and stable arms replaced.

Brakes and rotors too many times.

The water pump was replaced.

Injectors replaced and they keep shorting out one by one.

At times car runs a little rough just enough to be annoying.

And too much more to remember.

This all comes to a total of $9660.57.

General Comments:

It is a nice looking car and gas mileage is good.

The diver seat is starting to look worn.

It is a car for a single person, not a family car. Only one cup holder in the car.

This is the first Chevy I have owned.

I have always owned Oldsmobile's six of them to be exact. Sorry they stopped making them.

The repairs did not come to one fourth of the cost of the Monte Carlo.

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Review Date: 28th April, 2006

15th Jul 2008, 12:32

I also have a 1997 Monte Carlo. Good looking car, nice to drive. The repairs are too many to list. A total of $12,500.00 since I bought it. Have to have the rust fixed by the gas tank door, this will be the 5th time. Now the service engine light is on and they can't find the leak for the code it is showing. It as gone back 4 times. I am waiting for a call to tell me they found it. This is the first Chevy I have owned. And the last one I will own. I all ways bought Oldsmobile's. Never spent money on repairs like this Chevy. Wish I had a Oldsmobile now...

1997 Chevrolet Monte Carlo Z-34 Z-34 from North America


Was fun at first, now I see that is just one big pain in the neck


The power windows get stuck open without notice. One time I had to leave the car with the window open at night while it was snowing in a college parking lot. After I got it fixed with brand new switches and wiring it is doing it again. Sometimes if I punch the door it finally closes (no joke). Sometimes the window closes wrong like a part of the window is a crack open. (especially in cold weather).

Alternator broke last year, left my dad walking home. A pain in the butt to change the battery with the way the engine is set up. You have to remove the windshield wiper fluid tank to get to it.

General Comments:

This is my frist car. At first it was a fun car to get attention from the girls and such. Now I am a bit wiser and older and this car has a lot, and I mean A lot of design flaws. Too many to mention. Everyday the car starts doing something weird like a strange noise or something stops working, and the next day that problem goes away and something completly unrelated starts to go wrong. It as if it has a mind of its own. I would not own a GM manufactured car again. there is much better buys than a Monte Carlo.

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Review Date: 2nd March, 2006

1997 Chevrolet Monte Carlo Z34 from North America


Never again!!!


I purchased a used 1997 Monte Carlo Z-24 and within 6 months -the car was only 3 years old at purchase- I had to replace the engine due to the serpentine belt breaking. The new engine cost me approximately $5,000.

Since the new engine has been installed I have had to have the air conditioner repaired on three different occasions due to clogging and one condenser replacement. The common place of misfiring does not seem to be solved with the expensive tune up required.

Most recently I have had the TS sensor go bad, the Sunroof come off the tracks and today I have the ABS light coming on as well as the Security light. As for the security light I am told the key is going bad??? I loved my car, but the costly and continuous repairs far outweigh the joy of owning it.

I had a Dodge Shadow for 9 years and NEVER had a problem.

General Comments:

My goal is to have the repairs needed to get the dummy lights off and trade in this disaster on anything except a Chevrolet!!

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Review Date: 24th February, 2006

17th Jun 2007, 00:02

I have a '96 Monte Carlo Z-34 purchased last year. Unfortunately, my experience has not been good with it. The car is smoking badly right now spewing blue and white smoke which might mean an engine rebuild.

The suspension is a little rough and I think there are more surprises around the corner.

While the car is easy to drive and has some decent power (210 hp), I would not buy this vehicle again, because it is expensive for repairs. It has an overly complicated engine which is difficult to get at (half of the spark plugs are underneath, as well as the PCV valve which means lots of labor to get any repairs done)

13th Sep 2010, 22:31

If the timing belt breaks with this interference engine, probably much more than just the timing belt will need fixed.

There are non-interference engines with belts that supposedly won't bend the valves if you fail to replace the belt in time.

I know from experience that timing belts that drive water pumps can break (due to a bad pump pulley) at 40k. Since these pumps are internal, there is no warning until it's too late. Belts are better these days, so the first thing you need to do is replace the timing belt and water pump on any interference car you buy used, unless there is actual evidence of a recent replacement of both with the name of the mechanic to call and verify it if possible, or you'll be sorry for sure.

I also believe that the "new" Monte Carlos stopped using belts in 98. See Gates belts for cars with timing belts, interference engines, and internal water pumps.