20th Aug 2002, 13:52

I have a 97 Monte, but it's the lesser LS model. I bought it new. I had a fair share of problems from the intake manifold gasket to alternator to a new gas tank (something with the gas gauge) to most recently the AC needing work. I have an extended warranty so I really don't feel the pinch that bad; I pay a $100 deductible and that's it. I've also babied this car from day one and it looks and rides as well as it did the day I brought it home. The 95-97 Z-34s have the infamous 3.4 liter DOHC 24 valve V-6. That may explain some of the pure hatred some have for this car.

3rd Sep 2002, 21:12

I have recently bought a 97 Monte carlo z34, and it has been an awesome vehicle, it has never broke down or even shown any sign that it has problems, I fell in love with this car the moment I saw it, I am trying to find parts to make it faster, it has some get up and go to it now, but I would like to make it faster, other than that it's an awesome car.

7th Oct 2002, 12:35

I just bought a 97 Monte Carlo Z34 and I love it! Leather interior, dual climate control, power windows, locks, everything! This car is really fast, also everyone in the family wants to drive my car instead of their own. Anyone who has had problems with the car probably has a lemon, it's impossible to make every car that comes off the line perfect.

10th Oct 2002, 16:17

I have an 1997 Monte Carlo LS and the fuel pump went. My local garage wanted $900.00 to replace it. I am going to tackle the job myself. I will update you.

1st Nov 2002, 02:26

I bought a used 97 Monte Carlo with the big engine. This car sucks. I will never buy this model again. Too hard to work on, the engine compartment is too tight. To replace my alternator they had to drop the engine, 3.5 hours labor, and the alternator was rebuilt at 650.00. This vehicle is too expensive for me to operate. Cannot wait to unload this and go back to a reliable Geo Metro.

11th Nov 2002, 14:01

I have a 96 Monte Carlo with the 3.4 liter engine and it has been nothing but a waste of money. It will not even idle right now and no one seems to know why. If anyone may know why it will not stay running while at idle please comment on it for me.

11th Mar 2003, 07:35

My Mom bought a 98 z34 a couple of years ago. That thing is awesome, other than you have to work on it all the time. She is the fastest mom in town. She can take on any minivan.

26th May 2003, 14:40

I'm very seriously considering picking up the '95 Monte Carlo Z34. After all the comments I've read, however, I have to ask -- Why are the parts so expensive?

8th Jul 2003, 13:36

I purchased my Monte Carlo Z34 in February. It has a 3.4 engine and is extremely fast. I'm starting to experience some problems with it now and all at once. My timing belt had to be replaced and it cost $700 to repair. Now my alternator needs to be replaced. That will cost $600 due to the fact that the engine needs to be dropped. I'm very fortunate to have a friend that will install it for me. I have a 12 disk changer that beats extremely loud and no sooner than I got that, this alternator went out. So My advice to others is that if you put extra items in your car such as a CD player, have an amp that can push it or at least have a strong battery. This car is has way too much on it and in it!!!

17th Aug 2003, 18:45

95 Z34 I bought this car 6 week ago, nice car to drive.

But like other cars it has problems. Number one problem is the alternator, had to change mine yesterday took about 5 hours and not a fun job. You don't have to drop engine like the book says. the problem is where it's located, it does not like the heat that's why there is a duct to it. Also cheap inter parts door panels and leather. but fun and fast to drive, engine strong.

21st Sep 2003, 22:31

I have a 96 Monte Carlo LS. When I bought it in 1999, it only had 32,000 miles on it. It ran great, with no problems until about 70,000 miles. Since then I have replaced the alternator 3 times, and the A/C 2 times. There are some other things that broke; like the plastics in the interior, and every now and then the windows will not go up or down unless both the buttons on the drivers and passengers sides are being pushed. Other than this, the car is great ;).

30th Sep 2004, 21:38

I also own a 1997 Monte Carlo Z-34 with the 3.4 liter DOHC 24 valve V-6 just like all the others and I before I owned it, it was my mom's. She never drove it, so she let my brother use it for 6 months or so as "his car" and he was 16. He drove it hard. Well when I got it, I fixed up the exterior damage on it and painted it red. Man, it was really expensive to have to replace that front end. When my mom had to replace the trunk because she backed into something one day, it was not nearly expensive and I have no idea why the sudden change in prices. Other than that I have only had a couple problems. Yes, my fuel pump had to be replaced too, a very common problem with 96 and 97 Monte Carlo's apparently. It wasn't quite as expensive as all of these other people, but Monte Carlo's do mostly all have those same problems.