1995 Chevrolet Monte Carlo Z34 3.4L from North America


Lot of space, too many repairs, not worth it


Shortly after buying the car, the timing belt went out. Had bought an extended warranty, but the warranty company wouldn't pay for it- said that timing belt has to be changed at 67,000 miles... that was before we even owed it. Dealer fixed it for free because of the discrepancies.

Two months after that, it went out again! Should have been a sign. That was a $1000 to fix.

Four months after that the intake gasket blew. That was another $1000.

Six months after that the alternator broke. Had it tested was told that it was internally short circuiting. We replaced it ourselves. What a pain. Had to take the wheel well apart and the tire off. Too much work for such a small part.

Ever since we bought it, some days you will go to start the car and it will do nothing. This is the most common when it is hot outside. Keep turning the key and about the 15th time it will start like nothing was wrong.

Cheap plastic. The center console broke.

The carpet piece on the doors peels off to easily.

The rear defrost button is a pain to turn on.

Cannot find the horn.

The hood of the car is loosing its shine. The glossy finish is wearing off.

General Comments:

The car has good pick up and go.

Nice sounding exhaust.

Spacious trunk.

Spacious back seat.

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Review Date: 14th October, 2002

10th Mar 2003, 10:58

I have a 1996 Monte Carlo, this is the most expensive maintenance vehicle I have ever owned. The timing belt just went on it with only 58,000 miles. I am expecting about a $2000 (Cdn) bill for repairs. As soon as it is fixed I am getting rid of it.

The car has great back seats if you don't take off a body part with the heavy door closing back in on you.. my kids have had a few bruises because of this.

I personally would not invest/waste any more money on this car.

1995 Chevrolet Monte Carlo Z-34 3.4 Liter V6 from North America


Waste of Money


This site isn't large enough to list the things that went wrong with that car. It is literally the worse car I have ever seen in my life. From sensors, to the bad braking system, cylinders leaking, steering easily being knocked out of alignment, the list goes on and on. I spent an average of about 1500 dollars a month on upkeep of this car.

General Comments:

Overall the car was a pure waste of money. When it did run, the ride was nice and the power was great, along with the comfort. However, you'd have to nearly be rich just to keep the car running and in good condition. I definitely would not recommend buying a Monte Carolo.

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Review Date: 25th May, 2002

26th May 2002, 17:33

...And I would recommend that you buy an older, more reliable Monte Carlo.

9th Jul 2002, 15:00

My son recently purchased a 97 Monte Carlo Z-34. We got a very good deal on the purchase price for our area. The car looks fantastic. It's

Burgundy, tan leather, loaded, with after market 16" rims and tires. Like a said, a great looking car.

Less than 30 days into ownership, we had to replace the fuel pump. Cost: $421.00 for the pump assy. and I had a friend install it for $100.

Every auto parts person I spoke to told me how expensive almost everything is to replace or repair.

I was wondering if anyone else who has owned a 3.4 Z34 has experienced the inflated pricing that we did.

1995 Chevrolet Monte Carlo Z34 3.4L from North America


Simple-beauty that packs a surprising punch


I had three pesky vacuum leaks that affected the idle speed and caused the cruise control to fail. The first two were very minor costs and repaired easily, however, the last repair for that problem was more serious and cost me about $600. My ash-tray cover has broken and is difficult to open and close. No other real problems.

General Comments:

Of all the cars I've ever owned, this is by far my favorite. Its the first car I've ever paid off and actually kept. Despite 92K miles, the car is a dream. It rides very smoothly (even after two accidents that both took out the front pass. quarter), and to this day stills drives straight when letting go of the wheel on freeway. The steering is very tight as if made for high-performance. On curves, the car feels very light with little body sway. Has far as engine performance, it has surprisingly good power for a front-wheel-drive 6 cyl. Its actually a pleasure to drive if you like faster driving. Its particularly quick when accelerating from about 40-50 MPH (even without dropping into passing gear) which is great on the highway for necessary bursts of speed. The interior is nice and comfortable; the gauges are visually pleasant and easy to read (comes with a tach also!) ; the climate control is extreme (very hot heat/very cold A/C) ; the trunk has a ton of space in it. On the down-side, you have to watch for the truck lid, as the spoiler is too heavy for the springs and it will come crashing down on your head if you're not careful; the horn is hard to find; the fuses are difficult to locate; and finally, its too easy to accidently leave the dome and map lights on. All-in-all, I just LOVE this car. It looks and feels great.

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Review Date: 4th May, 2002