1995 Chevrolet Monte Carlo Z34 3.4L DOHC V6 from North America


A very nice car for the price that is both practical and sporty


I have had nothing go wrong with my car yet.

My car has less than the normal wear and tear that a car of its age would have.

General Comments:

This car is quick, and for the serious car enthusiast only.

It is a dream to drive.

It handles curves smoothly, and without effort.

The interior is spacious and the cockpit controls are easy to see and operate. The bucket seats are quite comfortable.

The looks and styling are very pleasing to the eye, especially with the after-market ground effects that are on my car.

The fact that it is front wheel drive means that it is practical, but it does not lack any speed.

I think that previous Monte Carlo generations are pleased with their successor, even though it does not have the body lines or badging.

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Review Date: 2nd March, 2002

1995 Chevrolet Monte Carlo Z-34 3.4L DOHC from North America


High cost, low quality parts, typical GM product? I will never know again!


New catalytic converter needed when bought, $200 at a local muffler shop.

Cheap plastic interior started breaking, council lid broke, ashtray lid broke.

New rotors needed shortly after bought, had the brake pads checked out at first and had 20% front, and 50% rear. 11 inch rotors cost over $350.

Alternator went out at 100,000 miles. Located near the firewall down by the passenger foot area on the side-mounted engine. $497 dollars to replace the alternator. 5 hours worth of labor to change, had to undo motor mounts and lift the engine several inches to change. Inadequate air supply makes it overheat I believe.

A/C compressor going out. Still pumped cold air, just made a horrible noise, close to $700 to replace. General Motors genius idea to have the A/C come on when you use the defrost and defrost/foot. Drys out the air? Somthing along those lines, using more gas, and overworking the A/C compressor making it need replacing sooner than most cars.

Idle needing to be fixed, would start the car and would race up to 2500 RPMS, then down to 2000 RPM's, and then over a 10-15 second period would return to 900 RPM's and idle quietly. Same thing applied with the slightest touch to the gas pedal, and coming to a stop.

Power windows not on tracks, driver's window needed to be pushed back while rolling up, but rolled down fine. Passenger window needed to be pushed forward rolling down, and rolled up just fine.

Power seats clunked when moved in the forward position, like the seat motor was about to expire.

Transmission acted funny at 102,145 miles. Had it checked out and needed to be replaced within 5,000 miles at the max, almost $2,000 at a local dealer. Read online reviews and famous for transmissions going out. One man said his did at 26,000 miles.

I live in the Pacific Northwest. Rains a lot! The brakes are HORRIBLE in wet weather. Had to stand on the brake pedal with all my might to stop in a somewhat short distance. Got a recall notice by Chevrolet saying that part of the wheel well needed to be removed, saying in wet weather it almost channeled the water onto the brakes making them suck!

Had to get a gas card just to keep up with the gas that is required. Seemed to get about 270 miles to a tank of gas, 14 gallon tank I believe. Easy driver, and most highway miles. 90 miles round trip to my job, All highway! 1/3 tank of gas required!

General Comments:

6-way power driver seat makes possible for anyone to drive.

The rear seat is quite spacious.

Trunk is absolutely huge!

Car is quite quick. Most power seems to come after you hit 3000 RPM's. Red-line at 7000 RPM's. Easy to guzzle a quarter tank of gas just driving around town for an hour!

I heard the 3.1 liter engine in the Monte Carlo LS is really reliable, not for sure.

No oil leaks ever spotted or smell of burning oil.

Universal key would be nice instead of having both a door and trunk key, and a ignition key.

Computer chip located on the key completes the circuit in the ignition. $32 to replace. Supposedly fails after key contact points wear after a couple years.

Previous owner took excellent care of the car, service records and documents available when purchased, just after the car hit 75,000 miles it was all downhill from there!

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Review Date: 9th February, 2002

16th May 2002, 12:34

In my opinion the problem here is that you bought a newer Monte Carlo. I don't think of the '95-'02 Monte's as true Monte Carlo's. They look nothing like the originals. You should've bought a '73-'77 Monte. Those are the best. Big ass car, lots of trunk space, and reliable. Although the lack of horsepower is a bummer. Just my $0.02.