15th Jun 2002, 22:53

I own a 2002 Monte Carlo SS Dale Earnhardt Edition which I purchased in April of this year. I love it!The speed limiter was increased to 125 MPH and the 3800 SERIES II uses all 200 Horses to get you there in a hurry! The car handles like it's on rails and stops on a dime with the 12" rotors. Like you mentioned the classic Chevy plastic interior I'm sure will get damaged eventually, but this collector's Monte Carlo SS won't see the road that often. Anyway instead of bragging about mine I'll just say keep enjoying yours!

Bill F.

New York, N.Y.

5th Jul 2002, 11:41

I have a 1995 Monte Carlo. I'm approximately at 110K miles.

I have a small oil leak, but nothing major.. even though I don't know where it's coming from. It seems that when you're driving and want to get on it real slow, the motor or the whole car shakes and putters. I have to get off the gas and then the RPM's jump up and I go. Inside consoles cracked in a few places. The clear coat chipped off in a few places, leaving nothing but dull red paint. Alternator went out on it after the first week I had it. Got it replaced under warranty. Replaced Spark plugs... cost about 300 including labor. Had a hanging caliper, had to replace both calipers and got a new brake job all the way around...$750.00 later.

22nd Oct 2002, 20:33

I have a 95 Monte Carlo in 96 I have problems when I go to change the plugs. I never tried to do it by my self, it cost $80 to get them changed. Write me if you have any thing to help at Boss583@aol.com.


31st Oct 2002, 12:40

I bought a 95' Monte Carlo LS in 1998. At first I thought it was a great car, but after a year of having it. It was nothing but trouble. The transmission went at 60,000 miles, then its had and EGR valve $500.00, 3 Rack and pinions, 3 starters, 2 alternators, new relays behind the fans, 2 power steering pumps, and a new water pump. and it also has a short in the wiring behind the dash. And I have also had to put in a new master switch for my electric windows, $102.00. Some of them are nice, but mine ain't been nothing but trouble.

6th Dec 2002, 09:01

I have a 1995 Z34.

So far, I have had no major problems with the car, other than the seemingly common idle problem. It went away in a couple of hours, so I guess I will wait its return.

Yes, the console is broken; it was that way when I bought it, and will likely stay that way.

As for the guy with the $350.00 rotors, where in the world did you have to give that much for rotors? I replaced the entire mechanical parts for the brake system myself, for less than $200.00, and it was the good stuff.

Can anyone let me know the correct diagnosis, and cure for the idle problem? I would like to know what it is, so I can tackle it when it returns.

Mine has just clocked 114,101 miles, and runs great. Since buying, I have done the brakes, and one tune up, charged the A/C with a Walmart kit, and other than that, just gas and oil changes.

The car really hauls, and we have raced it at the local track. Turned a 9:38 ET (1/8th mile) with my 110 lb Wife driving it.

Only complaints I have would be the fuel mileage; it stinks. Like another guy said, about 270 miles a tank. Sometimes a little better, but not much.

Email me : enaball3@aol.com in reference to the idle problem or anything else. Thanks.

10th Dec 2002, 09:07

Hey there, I have a 96 Monte LS. I am having that same problem with the windows. I would like to find out what part in the door is causing it to come off track, and not go up completely. If any one can give me some advise, email me at utikevin@hotmail.com Thanks and peace out!

9th Jan 2003, 09:03

I have a 1995 Monte Carlo LS which I purchased new in 1995. Currently it has 144000 miles on it. I have had no major issues with it. Standard things like, replaced the braking system last year, alternator, battery, starter, tires, water pump... Most of the miles are highway miles. The only bad thing, which didn't make me happy, was the intake gasket blew at about 120000 miles. The cost to replace was approximately 800.00.

To date this car is still running smoothly with no problems.

25th Jan 2003, 05:16

I bought my 95 Monte Carlo LS in early 2002. Had about 140,000 miles on it. Thing ran great. Started with small problems... power window on driver side sticks, and doesn't go up all the way, I found that a good grease spray will solve that problem for a little while. Battery went after a month, and needs new rotors (been too busy to get to it). At around 155,000 the tensioner pulley snapped while I was on the highway, lost almost all steering.--quick fix though, only about $30.

About three weeks later the head gasket blew while I was on the highway (again), and the block filled with antifreeze. The engine seriously over heated, and the whole thing was toast. Found a 97 Lumina engine to replace it (basically the same thing). Had the idle problem, so I replaced the plugs and wires... cleared it right up. I also just dropped a K&N filter in for good measure.

My newest problem with it is an oil leak that I can't find. It goes through a LOT of oil; about a quart every week and a half. Plus I keep hearing a rattling on the passenger side--getting that looked at soon. Other than those problems, It's a sweet car. It has some real get-up and go, and when I pass someone, it lags until I just give a little more gas (then it jumps to get going).

When it comes to interiors, Chevy has never been known for quality. Even the Corvettes have a cheesy plastic interior that breaks away. So far the ashtray lid has snapped off, center console hinge broke (the whole top just comes right off now), passenger side sun visor actually fell out of the ceiling... talk about cheap. Also, I've had to replace the cigarette lighter, I wasn't getting any juice for my charger and radar detector.

If anyone figures out what the problem is with the power windows, let me know. Its getting a little annoying spraying them all the time.


Now all I have to do is finish installing my system and I'll be golden!

5th Apr 2003, 11:56

Have a 96 Monte Carlo w 80,000 miles.

Overall it's a pretty good car.

The ignition for the no 1 and 4 plugs went bad. Pretty easy fix just changing the coil for this set of plugs --- BUT can't seem to figure out how to change the number one plug. This is the plug on the backside of the engine near the serpentine belt.

Is it common to have to pull the engine to get to this back row of plugs? If you know the trick, I would sure like to know!

Mystified in West Virginia


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