11th May 2015, 06:36

Thank you. I own a 1995 Chevy Monte Carlo Z34, and the owners before me kept it up until they stopped driving it. I have had it now for 3 years, and no major problems close to these guys. I take care of my car. When checked I replace the oil, transmission, electricals; anything to make it right. Don't drive it like a race car, it's not, no matter how fast it is or cool you look in it.

3rd Jun 2017, 07:23

I have a 97 Monte Carlo twin cam 34. I got it with 124,000 kilometers. I do not drive in the winter time. I also have a shop and I maintain my vehicles pretty exceptionally. I have flushed the transmission three times since I bought it because I didn't know if it was ever done. I replaced the water pump power, steering pump, oil pressure sensor, some vacuum hoses, and both radiator hoses because I was doing the water pump, the serpentine belt and the spark plugs - that was fun.

Rear wheel bearing. Silly me, it was the strut, so now I'm going to do the back two first, then the front.

My driver's side door panel, I've repaired and replaced the power window switch and fixed the glove box.

My ashtray is broken.

My security light stays on... I'll get to that.

While talking to the senior mechanic at a GM dealer, and remember I'm wearing coveralls and I work on all sorts of cars, he said and I quote "I hope you don't own one of those 3.4, over-engineered pieces of s**t". To which I replied yes I do. So I asked about the problems with the timing belt and he said to me it's not the belt, it's the tensioners. Got a hundred eighty eight thousand kilometers. The service manager heard that and said bring out your Visa.

The funny thing is I actually like this car. It's got really good power; I've manipulated the air flow sensor and put on a cold air intake that made mileage jump quite a bit - plus premium only... but I'm Nissan, Honda and Toyota through and through. And if it wasn't that hard, I'd stuff a Japanese drivetrain in this thing, electronics included, as long as all the rest of the Monte Carlo stuff was made in Japan. It's a nice cool car and I love it, but it's going to be a real pain in the ass soon. I think mine was built on Wednesday. Because those I don't care hacks on the production line were probably mostly sober by then. If you don't have a shop and you don't want to take care of it, don't ever buy one of these. It has such a nice design, it is very comfortable riding, and it has great power, but too bad they made s**t parts for it.

3rd Jun 2017, 07:24

Absolutely right, most people just don't take care of their cars.

3rd Jun 2017, 07:33

I have a 97 Z34. I don't beat on it. I got it used very cheap with very low mileage because he was tired of its issues. Basically he couldn't repair it himself and his mechanic was being a total d**k. Who replaces an intake manifold gasket without doing the plugs? Anyway, I do run this car, I do not baby it, but I always warm it up, I change my transmission oil, my engine oil, my brake fluid and my power steering fluid. I baby oil the leather interior and pressure wash all the running gear. Most of the time at 52 I just cruise it, but every once in a while I will lay the boots to this thing when it's time to pass... it's a love-hate relationship with this car; when it comes alternator time, it will be a hate thing.

3rd Jun 2017, 13:43

An alternator is easy to do.

14th Sep 2017, 13:37

I have a 1995 3.4 DOHC with 184,000 miles on it and the transmission just went out on me. I bought a used tranny with 100,000 miles on it with a 2 year warranty for just under $400. I was wondering, since I will be pulling the old transmission, should I replace the CV joints and motor/transmission mounts while I am already going to be doing major repairs? I don't want to have a great running transmission and have something else go wrong immediately after dealing with that. I was also wondering thoughts on changing struts and the alternator too while I'm doing all of this. Any advice would be appreciated.