3rd May 2003, 01:26

Can you replace the alternator in a 1995 Monte Carlo without undoing the motor mounts and lifting the engine?

9th Oct 2003, 10:30

I have a 95 monte carlo z/34 with the 3.4...what a piece of junk! Beside all the recalls... the engine threw a timing belt and wrecked the entire valve train. Fuel injectors failed, fuel pump and alternator, replaced the coil pack 2 times and the transmission slips. do yourself a favor and buy foreign.

6th Feb 2004, 07:08

95 Monte 34z --

I've had a lot of the similar problems as all of the other. I got on here to look up what the heck was wrong with my brakes. I've replaced them every 3 to 6 months. I guess it's a common problem because of the size. Threw a timing belt and had to replace the whole damn engine. Popped a 96 3.4 in there and that thing almost threw another timing belt on me. If it weren't for an oil leak from an o-ring (which had to be fixed by removing a head!) and an astute mechanic who decided to check the timing belt on my new engine, I would have lost that one as well. The engine only had 44,000 on it and the timing belt was almost shredded all the way through.

All plastic pieces in the car seem to be broken (ashtray lid, center console hide-away compartment, cup holder not big enough to hold my coffee in the morning and the rubber insert fell out and got lost, etc). The driver's side window never works when it is cold. I've had it in the shop 5 times to try to fix it and after replacing just about every dang part in the window assembly (except the glass), it still doesn't work right. Also, the lock sticks on the passenger side so I cannot let the kids into my car unless I lean over and undo it by hand. I do have 175,000+ on the vehicle so some of this might be expected after a while, but come on GM...

Any clues on the driver's side window sticking all the time guys (especially when it's cold)??

10th Nov 2004, 08:45

I don't own a Monte Carlo at all, but I can guarentee you that it isn't the car or the people who make it. It must be an operator error. I'm not saying that cars don't have any problems, but there is always a reason. Depending on where you got it or who you got it from will determine the kind of problems you will have with your automobile. thanks...meghan.

5th Jan 2005, 01:03

I have a 96 Monte Carlo Z34. It had 125,000 miles when I purchased it. It now has around 180,000 miles. Its been to the transmission shop twice. I had the transmission rebuilt the first time. Then the second time I took it was because it would jerk going into second gear. Now it makes an odd noise which is louder in park than other gears. I can drive it for about fifteen minutes with no problems. It maintains power and shifts smooth. After about fifteen minutes it gradually starts to slip. The RPMS are at about 4000 just for me to creep into my driveway. Then after that it won't go in gear at all. If I let it sit long enough to cool, then it will go in gear. The transmission fluid doesn't appear to be low. I could try a transmission cooler. Other than that I don't know what to do besides only driving it to the store. Any suggestions? Thanks...Cliston.

7th Feb 2005, 22:40

I have 1995 Chevrolet Monte Carlo, I 'm also experiencing the driver side window dilemma. Window rolls down fine, but, when you roll it up it will literally stop half way. I found out like everyone else that the window is coming off track. Pulling the window forward seems to pop it back into place. There should have definitely been a recall on this common problem to replace the arm that supports the track. Secondly, the low oil light keeps coming on. Checked for oil leaks and of course oil in the engine is at the proper level, but, this light just keep coming on from time to time. My guess is low oil pressure.?? Anybody care to comment?? If so please e-mail me at


27th Dec 2006, 14:27

My 96 monte z34 has a fuel problem. no fuel to engine replaced filter pump/all know fuses still no fuel??? anyone ever heard of this?

24th Jan 2008, 22:14

I have a 1995 Z-24 with a 3.4 dual overhead cam engine. It has a oil leak and we have discovered it is coming from the top back part of motor where the distributor (if it had one) would go. They left the hole for the distributor and it has a plug with a rubber o-ring on it. When this o-ring gets old it will crimp or crack like all seals do. However, after talking to several mechanics it is not an easy fix. You have to pull the intake and back head I was told. I got an estimate from 1 mechanic for 1600.00 and another said he could do it for 1200.00. Think I will just trade it off and let someone else fix it. Car has 130,000 miles on it, but really gets up and goes. Drivers window goes off track if rolled down all the way, middle console hinges also broke, you have to beat the CD player up to get your CD out, dash vents have nothing coming out them (defroster and floor works however), and yes, I have the idle problem, also. I have only had this car 1 mo. Got it as part of a deal when selling my 1998 Dodge Ram 1500 SLT club cab pickup. Was not told of all the problems. Drives nice, however. Anyway, thought this might answer someones question about the oil leak and not knowing where it is coming from.

18th Sep 2008, 02:18

Bought a 95 Z-34 about 3 months ago with around 83,000 miles on it. It now is at 95,000 miles, and so far I've had to replace the on board computer. I've got the infamous idle problem, and my driver's side window also starts going off the track when it rains. None of that was serious, but 2 days ago the car all the sudden wouldn't start, I turn the key, and it doesn't turn over. From what I've read its either the starter, battery, or the solenoid. Just replaced the battery which by the way is in the dumbest place I've ever seen (I feel sorry for anyone that owns a 95 Z-34, and has to change, or put water in their battery... have fun with that). So now I'm down to the solenoid, or the starter<----- almost impossible to fix yourself. Still have a lot of payments to go on this baby, and from what I've read she'll keep me nice, and broke. If your considering buying a 95 Z-34 my advice would be Don't.

2nd Nov 2008, 17:05

Hey Guys/Gals, I bought my Monte new in '95 for my wife. It has all the problems that are listed above. I'm glad in some ways that I am not alone.

I'm @ 108,000km now and have ordered new tires for it. After talking to my wrench (he worked in a dealership for years) I'm told that the 3.4 is a half baked engine. The timing belt WILL go and it WILL take out the engine. Replacement is an expensive issue. He tells me that the 3800 is a bullet proof engine and I am now considering a Grand Prix.

Any thoughts?