7th Jan 2003, 16:38

All I did was type in Monte Carlo in the search engine, and this popped up, I am a owner of a 96 Monte Carlo LS, since April, when I purchased the car, I have had nothing but problems with the vehicle. I replaced the transmission once, and there is a loud rattling no one can explain somewhere in the rear end when the car is idling. I never realized what a money pit, I was getting my self into. I just the other day brought it back to the shop. I was driving in the middle of a horrible blizzard when my low beams decided to burn out all at once! And within minutes, my engine light came on, and my dials all just dropped to zero, and also noticed my brake lights stopped working?? It was the craziest thing! Id like to hear from others if they had this problem. Chris.

8th Jan 2003, 15:11

I have noticed more and more problems with Chevrolet vehicles from 1996 and 1998. It seems as though the manufacturers were napping while these were built. I have had to work on friends' 1997 Camaro and 1997 Cavalier Z24. I have always heard complaints from Chevrolet car owners in this time frame, but not too many since then. Maybe they saw their problems and fixed them.

I did happen to notice that the interiors seemed to be very cheaply built, and the comments about the Dex-cool causing so many problems seem to hold true in the cases I've seen as well. Good luck! Any more questions or comments may be directed to scottb1982@yahoo.com.

22nd Jan 2003, 09:14

I purchased a 1997 Monte Z34 from a close freind. We are slowly drifting apart. I purchased it with 119,000 miles and I investigated the car thoroughly. I did know that the timing belt would need to be changed, so it was not a surprise when it went. However I now have steering problems, the trans makes a wierd winding noise until I turn the car off for about five minutes, the radio/tape deck is possessed. it changes when ever and where ever it wants to.

I love the car, I love the style, the speed, the look,the color, the sound of the stereo, the sun roof, the interior, but the repair costs are killing me.I'm so afraid that I finally found a car I love, but is nothing more than a gold digger. its in the shop now as I type this. this is the fourth time since I got it (4months). I'm spending at least $250.00 a month on a car I own. I don't need a car payment.

17th Mar 2003, 18:56

Seems like you have had many problems with the z34. I knew they had troubles so I bought a 1997 monte Ls sport with sunroof and leather. The things loaded! I know have 120000 miles on it and all I ever had to replace is a blinker, and a battery. Total cost of repairs 100 bucks. Very pleased with my monte and recomend it to anyone. For more power have a exhaust system installed and add a k&n air filter instead of putting up with the problems the Z34 has to offer.

3rd Jun 2003, 08:06

And another thing. I forgot to tell you that my car is a LS. The engine sounds great around 5k rpm. 180,000miles, runs/looks like new. $2,800 is all it was. Thanks GM!

4th Jun 2003, 08:31

I purchased my 97 Monte Carlo LS in December '02 and it's been alright so far. The only problem I've had with mine is the speedometer going out after 3000 miles (I bought it with 92000 miles). But now my driver's side power window is stuck. (In the down position of course!) My mother purchased the '97 Z34 (95k miles) about two weeks after me and the gas pedal is sticky, the car sputters when accelerating and the tranny feels like it wants to retire.

13th Aug 2003, 21:34

I have A 97 Monte Carlo Z34, I've had all the same problems as every one else (alternator, fuel pump, timing belt, coil packs, sensors, and the $140 volume control on the steering wheel). Now I have A new problem, when theres less than a forth of a tank of gas I get A VERY BAD hesitation. The car looks awesome, but too many problems! Anyone that can help please send a email to: SFINIAK@MSN.COM...Thanks.

19th Aug 2003, 07:58

I've had my 1997 Monte Carlo Z34 for two and a half years. Went from 35000 miles when I bought it to 76000 now. I have replaced a tensioner pulley ($12.00) and did the serpentine belt only because I was removing the old one (cheap also) around 60,000 miles. I now have a leaky water pump. Pretty good if you ask me. Love the car, but may trade it in soon since the mileage is getting higher.

14th Sep 2003, 20:08

I'm reading these comments on the Monte Carlos and I'm wondering what maintenance you people do on your cars? I have owned a 98 Z34 for a little over two years and the only things I've changed are the tires and fuel filter (besides normal things oil, engine coolant, etc..) I've been told the fuel filter is very important to keep changed due to some of the ethanol gases. The gas caused problems clogging the filters and if the owners never changed them, then..bang..a new fuel pump is needed. I DON'T agree with these comments and would recommend a Monte Carlo to anyone. Oh ya my 87 SS Monte is reliable also with fewer problems then what some of you people are listing. Coincidence? Probably not!

9th Oct 2003, 19:26

I have a 1997 Monte Carlo LS and I have nothing to do, but give it kudos. The car is great and I haven't had one problem with it. I had a Raven Performance Muffler put on and she sounds great now. I would recommend the 3.1 Monte to anyone.

15th Nov 2003, 15:36

I have a 97 Ls with 240k miles, have taken road trips of over 1,500 miles one way many times and I have never had one single problem with this car. I change the oil about every 15k miles, and have never changed the spark plugs. This monte is the best and I would take it anywhere.

23rd Feb 2004, 22:41

I don't understand the snippy remarks pointed to the people who have had issues with this car. On the surface, and performance wise, it is a beauty. Mechanically, I have not had more repairs to a new car. Sounds like others have had the same problems. It is not due too bad driving or poor maintenance. My list began at 22,000, and continues where I am now at 64,000 miles. Alternator, fuel pump, leaky water pump main seal, set of wires (common I'm told), half shaft replaced, intake manifold gasket (common), battery (understandable, but a nightmare to get to), brakes and one caliper at 55,000. All under extended warranty and dealer diagnosed and repaired. At 64,000, The ticking while cold (carbon buildup, I know), the transmission slip between 1500 and 2000 rpm, and may new braking issue (application of brakes shakes the entire car) has me looking to dump it on trade. I only wish the mechanical could be as good as the body, look, style, color, performance and nameplate.