22nd Dec 2005, 06:25

To the guy who just bought a Z34 (Dec. 22 comment), that sounds like a good buy. I have an Olds with the same 3.1L as in your car's slower sibling. It's already as fast as a V6 Accord, and I mean the last generation with 240hp or whatever. Mine has 140. Hmmm. But the guys that always try to race are the ones with 4-cyl Accords. You know the ones, they put a big aluminum wing and fart-can muffler to compensate for the missing cylinders. I can maybe beat the V6s, but I'd love to have that 3.4L just to be sure.

11th Mar 2006, 21:19

The right side of my 97' Monte Carlo the air conditioning doesn't work, the left side works fine (go figure)

Also once the gas tank goes under a half a tank the gauge fluctuates like crazy, I don't know how much gas I have. Makes me very nervous.

The brakes are also squeaky as heck, the GM dealer told me that I should just slam on the brakes going 60 MPH to make it go away daily (he was serious)

The alternator broke without warning.

Windows get stuck open.

Gas fumes enter the cabin in park.

I have 81,800 miles on it.

I can't wait to get rid of this POS.

8th Apr 2006, 22:50

I would just like to say that I have owned a 97 monte carlo z34 and have loved the car ever since. The 3.4L engine is great as long as you replace your timing belt before it goes. Really that's the only problem the engine has. I like it better than the 3.1 because it has more power, and the 3.8 seems to drag a little... just my experience.

13th Jun 2006, 12:44

Has anyone found out the following answer to this problem with the transmission? The following was posted in a previous entry; "The transmission begins periodic episodes involving an odd noise and hard shifting. The Chevy dealership cannot find a problem. The problem subsides when the car is shut down and allowed to "rest" for approximately 5 minutes."

I have a 1997 Monte Carlo Z34 with 160,000 miles on it and recently started to experience the same issue as above. However, now the episode is constant and isn't going away. I would describe the noise as a whinning noise and worsens as you rev it up. Also while driving under this condition and you shift into neutral, the car sort of slams forward slightly as if you were down shifting a standard.

Outside this issue and the having to replace power steering lines, I've had no other major issues. It's been a pleasure to own. It still looks great inside and out and wears well, and rides as good as day one.

Any help regarding the transmission issue would be appreciated.


3rd Sep 2006, 11:38

I have a 1997 Z34, problem is that the engine light. It is blinking and then sometimes it is solid. It seems to be missing while it's shifting, and sometimes when it's just sitting at the stop sign. This happen after a bad heat spell in my state. Now it won't stop it. Any idea what's up, could it be the plug wires???



14th Nov 2006, 19:37

I have the Monte Carlo from hell. It's a 97 with a 3.1 and since 1999 we've spent over 10,000$ in repairs. You name it we've changed it. I wouldn't recommend this car to my worst enemy. # tranny's, 2 engines, the entire front end units, struts, shocks... I hate this car.

22nd Nov 2006, 01:16

Alright I picked up a 1995 Monte Carlo 3.1 V6 around a year and a half ago. I didn't need much repairs once I picked it up. Just new struts and chassis. When I got it I had about 111,000 miles on it. It ran like brand new. As of lately, its running like it has half its motor. My car shakes like crazy. (I'm assuming it's a cracked or loose motor mount). But the weird thing is this, My car dies occasionally, and when it does, everything works, but the motor: My cd player, lights, windows, everything. It starts up fine, so it can't be the starter. I'm thinking maybe the alternator is going?. Another problem I have with it is that I'm getting around 140 miles per full tank. I don't have a leak in my fuel line anywhere, so I don't know whats triggering this problem. Fuel pump perhaps? My exhaust puts, so I believe my cats or exhaust needs to be cleaned. Don't get me wrong, I love the Montes, but they come with a lot of problems down the road. If anyone has suggestions on why I'm getting half my gas mileage, and why my exhaust sounds like a helicopter, please email me chevcarlo95@yahoo.com.


30th Nov 2006, 08:56

I have a 97 Z34 With 137k on it I bought last July, When the temp. drops below 20 it will not shift out of park unless you have the engine running for 10 minutes. Does any one know how to fix it, I really do not want to have to rebuild the Transmission.

Please let me know tpoman@yahoo.com.

11th Jan 2007, 18:33

I bought my 1997 Monte Carlo in 1998 with 38000 miles. Of course, being 16, I didn’t think of the long term….no extended warranty. The major repairs I made (other than tires & brakes…my fault!) were: replacing a fuel pressure regulator ($300) around 50,000 miles & engine work ($2200) around 125,000 miles. I made several other repairs due to accidents and beating on the car a little too much. The body looks OK. Paint starting to peel off in several spots.

My driver’s side window has been sticking, mainly on the way up. As of now, the window is stuck in my door, all the way down! I have disassembled the door slightly, but just assume that it is a bad motor. I prefer to repair myself; the car just isn’t worth bringing to the dealer. Has anyone replaced a motor like this, or had similar problems?


6th Jun 2007, 15:11

Hey, what mileage are you supposed to change your timing belt? Answers to all the guys, listen, these cars crap out alternators, look for your voltage light to come on in the bottom left of the dashboard. You have to take the passenger side axle out to get to the alternator.

Two, timing belts seem to be an issue, and being my car has 85k on it (97 z34) I guess at 90k it needs to be changed. What have you guys been charged for this repair? Air conditioning is funny on this car, as my AC turns on, blows cold, then like fades and comes back. Weird! Don't want to get into it..

31st Jul 2007, 00:55

Very fast, love the car. You guys just don't know a good car.

23rd Sep 2007, 20:19

I just got my 97 monte carlo about a month ago it has 145km on it, but it runs great its in near mint condition the only repairs its had are spark plugs and alternator which were done before I bought it. it hasn't given me any problems accept recently I noticed its burning oil still runs great though any tips.

26th Sep 2007, 15:49

I have 1997 z34 I have change the plugs, fuel pump, and timing belt and it won't start could anybody tell me why.