28th Jun 2005, 06:56

I have a 2000 Monte Carlo ls and have the clunking noise in front end and paid 180.00 to get it fixed and now a year later it is back.

10th Jul 2005, 22:05

I have the same clunking problem in my 2001 Monte Carlo SS. I would like to know if there is a fix. From reading the previous comments, it doesn't look good.

12th Dec 2005, 12:28

I have a 2001 Monte Carlo SS.

Front rotors we replaced at 14,000 miles. Warranty.

Transmission replaces at 20,000 miles as well as the steering column (clunking problem). My cost. I Should have had the Steering wheel looked at when it was under Warranty.

Now I have a passenger side window that won't work as others have stated.

30th Sep 2006, 10:16

To anyone that is having so called road noise, have your mechanic, NOT THE DEALER check your wheel bearings, after talking with many mechanics they all said this is a very common problem with all of the 2000-2005 Montes and Impalas.

29th Mar 2007, 10:41

I recently purchased a 2000 Monte Carlo S/S with 63k miles. The car is in showroom condition, but has a slight vibration when accelerating hard going straight and is worse while accelerating with the wheel turned (like on entrance/exit parkway ramps). I have had it back to the dealer I bought it from twice so far and they have sent it to a Chevy dealer for repair. The mechanics at Chevy where saying the tires needed to be rotated, but that has not solved the problem. At present it is still at Chevy. Has anyone out there had this problem? If so was it repaired? What was the cause?

28th Apr 2008, 22:36

I have owned my Monte SS 2002 for more than five years now. Only problem has been intermediate steering shaft (ISS) has been re-lubed three times, by me for $12 a pop. Other than that, just gas and oil has gone into it.

I see a lot of comments that their brake rotors are warped or their tires have road noise. Rotors will warp on any car depending on braking habits and who torqued the wheel lugs. Road noise? You are not buying a Cadillac or Lexus. Undercoat the car if road noise is an issue.

Also I see comments about how someone bought an 8 - 9 year old "used" Monte Carlo and didn't expect to to fix a few things. Then you bash the car for being poor quality! Mechanical devices need repair and maintainence like anything else. Who knows how the previous owner drove it?

For those having trans problems, have you changed the fluid and filter every 25 - 30k? I learned that the hard way with a 96 T-Bird. Must be changed religiously.

22nd Apr 2009, 21:01

I bought a 2000 Monte Carlo SS brand new. Didn't even have a 1/2 mile on it when I picked it up from the car lot. Mind you, this is the first brand new car I have ever had (at 45) with all my kids grown and out of the house. Always had a "family" car.

I love my car. I love the way it drives. It looks so nice with a fresh wax on it. I ordered black with all the extras.

After having it for one year, the turn signals don't work all the time. I've had it in numerous times while it was under warranty and they would always start working again before we got there. They still can't find what's wrong.

After 2 years, the inside cover on the sunroof broke. It won't slide open with the automatic part of the window any more. It wasn't covered under warranty. They told me I would have to buy the whole unit at a cost of $800 to fix it.

After 3 years, the heater in the driver's seat quit. Of course that isn't covered either. I have to buy a new unit for it also. Another $900 to fix it.

Then the element broke on the rear defrost. To fix it, the man at the Chevy garage glued it, but he said sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn't. Well, it didn't, $50 for nothing.

All of the finish came off of the steering wheel now.

The rubber on the driver door had to be replaced because water would leak in when you drove in the rain. Another $150.

The rear view mirror leaked out some kind of gooey black stuff one day, and now has a colored ring in the middle of the mirror.

The lights on the bottom of the mirror won't shut off. I had to put tape over them to keep them off, the buttons quit working.

Yes you do get a lot of road noise, but the tire tread can cause a lot of that.

Last month the fan on the heater/AC quit working. That cost $180 to fix it. The whole mechanism in the dash for the switch had melted.

I take very good care of my car. Now I took it in this week because it's not kicking into gear right. The transmission has to be overhauled. Mind you, it doesn't even have 100,000 miles on it yet!!

It gets washed frequently, very seldom do you see it dirty. It gets waxed 2 times every summer, once in the fall, right before winter and again in the spring. I drive it all the time myself, it doesn't get hot rodded around. My kids are grown, so I don't have kids I haul around.

I do believe this is more than just normal wear and tear. This car was quite an investment for us. This doesn't even count all the minor things we've had to have fixed that the warranty did cover.

I take very good care of my vehicles. My Dad was a mechanic all his life, we were taught that you had to maintain a car to make it last longer. My car still looks brand new otherwise.

Now the clips on the windows have to be replaced, the rubber is all peeling off of them, they cost $150 each.

The window on the driver side doesn't always want to roll up. It will always open, but you have to play with the button to get it to go up.

The handle of the driver door doesn't open right. When you pull on the handle to get out, the door doesn't always unlatch.

Mrs. D. Nebraska.

10th Jul 2009, 15:00

Just bought a 2007 Monte LS, and within the last few months the steering vibrations when I turn and brake have really become quite annoying. It has just under 32k on it!!! WTF.

11th Jul 2009, 11:16

I bought my 2000 Monte Carlo in 2001 and have had it since. I love it and until recently have not had any "problems" with it. It has 85,000 miles on it and goes in faithfully every 3,000 miles for maintenance. Just recently I have notice noise when braking, had it checked, nothing was found wrong. Tuesday of this week was driving and all at once the accelerator stuck. Still had control of car but when I would come to a stop, RPMs were still tacked up to 3!! When I would take my foot off of brake, car would go without touching the gas!!! So I pulled off of the road, shut the engine off, restarted and no problem!!! Been fine ever since. Have NO idea what happened. Took it in - nothing was found!!! Anyone else had this happen to them?

Hilda - Balto., MD.