24th Jul 2009, 13:50

I bought a 2000 Monte SS when it was 4 years old. Since then the tranny was replaced, intake gaskets replaced, water pump and thermostat, and removed the dexcool antifreeze. Also the A/C evaporator and condenser, the fan switch, the lower radiator support and the entire aluminum engine cradle,rear backing plates on the rear brakes. Now my LCD rear view mirror has a big bubble in the middle. When does it all stop?

I too take care of my car, in fact I put it in car shows. And I still have thumping in my steering column after changing the whole front end.

By the way, I only have 91000 miles on my car.

Thanks for the vent opportunity, Gregg.

6th Sep 2009, 01:26

I brought a 2000 Monte Carlo LS in July 2008 with 85000 miles on it. Had been perfect all TILL I hit a curb when I understeered it in January while sliding on ice. Had my local shop replace two tire rods for 450 dollars, so I thought it was my inexperience and bad luck.

On March I had a total check up and oil change for 120 dollars, cleaned right CV boot for 130, and water pump leak repair for 120 from a friend's mechanic.

Brakes start going out in April, so I had my local shop replace the 2 front brakes (lifetime warranty), 2 front rotors (10,000 miles warranty), gas leak repair, another water pump leak repair for 750 dollars.

Once I got my car back, I had a problem I never had before; when driving at speeds over 20mph, at every LITTLE bump pulled my car to the right side. And on rainy days it would seem like I was drifting my way to school on a straightaway road. So I had my local shop take a look, replace a different tie rod and had new brake lines for 400 dollars, still NO GOOD.

So took it back in, and they told me they will repair the car for free with no labor for a back tie rods like part, unsure what it is exactly. But the guy told me he would look for it in a junkyard and would cost like 90 dollars. After two weeks no response, called back, and he said it is like 150 for the part brand new from GM, so I was go on ahead, but he said bring it in to double check. So when I got there, he said both were bad (although he said there would be no problems driving with one of the back tie rods bent). Well by the time the parts came in, my back two tires were so messed up I needed to replace two new tires (you could see the metal lines from the tires). So the cost of the two metal parts and two tires became 700 dollars. I was like WTF, the guy said GM charged him the wrong cost the 1st time, and it was actually 200 a piece.

The car ran great afterward, but recently (Sept) when stepping on the gas, I could hear a loud pitching noise, which I am unsure if it is normal. So overall I am unsure if it was just my luck, or maybe the car was just bad. At this point I felt I have been messed around more from mechanics than dealers.

9th Apr 2010, 13:49

2000 Monte 3.8.

Electrical issues, transmission shifting hard and soft randomly after different start-ups, SELF ACCELERATION as someone else also described!!! Fishbite tug on the highway most noticeably, and rough starts every other start!