27th Apr 2003, 08:26

We bought a 2000 monte carlo new. At about 60000 miles the fuel pump had to be replaced. We have 77000 miles on it now and haven't had any more problems.

3rd Apr 2004, 15:37

To the comment on the possibility of torque steer causing the problem. Yes, I realize what this refers to. Also, realize I may know much more about cars than the average bear. Having worked on everything from this car to older model Mustangs to late model Mustangs to GTXes to CRXes (obviously FWD) to VWs (again, FWD) to Grand Ams (another FWD GM) to Tauruses (yup, FWD) to you name it, I have a bit more knowledge than you might have expected. As such, I can safely say its not torque steer that is causing the problem.

Were I to guess, I would guess it is the LSD that is going out. That, or quite possibly something else linked to the transmission that puts the power to the wheels that is not engaging properly. Were it torque steer, it would not occur at the times it does occur. I have driven more powerful FWD cars than this that were lighter and had lower gearing, the problem I am referring to does not happen on them.

Thank you for your concern, but its not that simple. And, note that I am not bashing GM so please don't get defensive. This car is a lemon. As I stated in my post heading, it is an accident waiting to happen. I am not stating these things for my health, I can assure you. Acting like I am a fool or a know-nothing proves nothing to anyone, myself included.

As for an update on this car:

I kept this car off the road for over a year and only drove it on rare occassions, but keeping the maintenance up to date as well as keeping it road worthy. Owing more than it is worth, trading was not an immediate option as I did not want to drop several thousand dollars to pay off the car and leave myself in a pickle of a spot. But, enough about my situation.

All problems I have listed still exist, some more so than others.

The brake rotors continue to need replacing, but since I don't drive it very often, I can live with it when I do. The next round of rotor turning will be the third known time in less than 64,000 miles.

The steering wheel, which I did not mention previously, continues to degrade in my hands. It is as if the coating wore off in certain spots and the foam underneath is attempting to get out.

The paint on the dash under the radio and next to the climate controls continues to come off at the slightest touch.

The transmission is showing signs of wanting to fail. I am not taking time to diagnose the problems as I am not sure where the cause may lie.

The power steering pump is beginning to whine. I rarely, if ever turn the wheel to the lock position so it should not be an overworked pump. I am thinking it is just worn out due to it being cheaply manufactured.

The valves are ticking. This, I have been told, is a common issue, but it is annoying. A model year 2000 car should not have to have the valves adjusted, even after 100,000 miles, much less 64,000.

And those are just a few of the problems I have had so far with this car. I hope to soon trade it on a Honda or Toyota or possibly another car. I need something more reliable than this.

14th Aug 2004, 12:47

"The paint on the dash under the radio comes off..." Seems like a minor problem to me. I also own a 2000 Monte and have had no problems. I replaced the brake pads at 45000 miles (to be expected) and other than that the brakes performed flawlessly. I am also a mechanic, and I can assure you that what you are experiencing is indeed torque steer and is not a flaw.

21st Sep 2004, 14:51

To the mechanic, I am afraid you were wrong, as was the gentleman prior to you. It was not torque steer, but the brake caliper (s) / ABS system. Live and learn. And if you want to know what torque steer feels like in a powerful car, take a new GTP out, or a Maxima. The 180HP / 200 lb ft Monte can't compare with the 260 and 265 HP / 280 lb ft and 255 lb ft of those cars. I said it was not torque steer, insisted, in fact. But obviously there are those out there who can diagnose problems better than myself having never seen the car, driven it, or otherwise stopped to think that maybe someone just as smart as they was out there working on the car.

I replaced the rotors and pads (again) at 70K. Rotors should last longer than 70K, am I right? Apparently not. Pads, I will grant, should be replaced every 50K or so, highway miles or not... but every 35K? Let's face the facts here. GM has cut the quality to increase the bottom line. Contracting out to the lowest bidder will do that to a car, evidently.

As for the paint under the radio being a minor issue? I'm sorry, but a car with as few miles on it as this had when this started occurring and the interior trim coming apart IS an issue. It just goes to show you what kind of quality you can expect. The paint on the exterior of the car, as well as the quality of the sheet metal, is no better.

And did I mention the remainder of the pair of needle-nose pliers I found poking through the carpet in the rear, driver's side floorboards? Anyone so inclined to blame that one on me is welcome to try. This HAD to come from the factory as its between sheetmetal (of the interior and exterior floor-panels)! I have tried to remove it, but am unable to as its just about an inch of the "needle-nose" section protruding through the carpet and interior floor pan. Minor? I think not.

Just a friendly update on the car. I would greatly appreciate being taken at my word on this car. Don't buy it unless you are looking to find some reasonably cheap transportation that has relatively good power, GREAT gas mileage, and don't mind little things being wrong with a car. It wouldn't be a bad car if you can overlook small things going wrong and doesn't mind spending (or doing it yourself) little things.

16th Apr 2007, 14:40

I have a 2002 Monte SS. I have had SO MANY problems with this car... and not just small problems either. Let's see if I can remember everything. Most recently, I had the transmission replaced (at 79K miles), something called a "Body Control Module" (the part was $600). I've had to have the cat converter replaced (was faulty, so it was paid for by GM). I had to have the head gaskets replaced prior to 30K miles (this after taking it to my dealer complaining that the car runs too hot. Told me nothing was wrong). Drove up north (uphill) and the car overheated. The dealer in the town I was driving to said there was water in the oil, etc., thus needing the gaskets replaced. Luckily, this was still under warranty. Had to have the valve system flushed (after the bad cat converter). Had to replace the fan assembly, and the car has begun to run too hot again, which I was told by the dealer service guy that he couldn't 'recreate' the problem. I am so frustrated! I cannot afford this car, but cannot afford to get another (this one is paid off).

I love the way this car looks, but I've had so many mechanical issues (and all of the interior 'plastic' parts falling off)...I just don't think it's worth it.

7th Jun 2007, 15:26

I also had a Monte Carlo. Mine was a 05 LS. The car ran good and braked good, but I did have a problem with the steering system. It was very hard to turn once the car got up to operating temp. I don't have the car no more, but that was the only problem that I had with the car the 2 1/2 months it was in my hands.

26th Sep 2008, 21:08

I have had a lot of similar problems with my '00 SS. Most annoying is it randomly not starting. My brother who works for a Pontiac dealership said this is a common problem with models with in-dash ignition switches. It can be replaced for approx $112. In the mean time, I can "hit" the dash just below the ignition switch and it will then start.

I have also had the clunking problem for many miles. Another really annoying problem is many of my interior lights (on the dash, door panel, etc), are either burned out of very dim. Oh yeah, and the CD player stopped working. With 171,000 + miles on it, I'm planning on keeping it until it just finally dies.