2000 Chevrolet Monte Carlo SS 3.8 V6 from North America


Still like it after almost four years..


Power Steering pump at 600 miles.

Transmission failed at 11,000 miles.

Sunroof replaced.

Engine cradle replaced, along with the left front ball joint, strut & wheel bearing.

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Review Date: 19th December, 2003

2000 Chevrolet Monte Carlo SS 3.8 from North America


Good performance, reliability, and bargain for the price


Rattle in passenger side door at 75,000 miles.

Heater control switch at 80,000 mile.

Driver side power window switch at 80,000 miles.

Brakes replaced at 92,000 miles.

General Comments:

Car is plenty fast enough. (Yes, it will do the 140 mph as shown on the speedometer).

Cabin is roomy and comfortable.

Gages easy to read.

Very reliable vehicle, have had no major problems thus far.

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Review Date: 27th May, 2003

2000 Chevrolet Monte Carlo SS from North America


Don't Buy!


With less than 1000 miles the O2 sensor went out.

Front driver seat has never felt completely stable.

Driver's side window has always been "loose." After I roll in down a ways I have to push down on it to stop it from rattling.

Rear view mirror shakes. Very annoying when looking in the mirror. Dealer states it cannot be tightened.

Sunroof rattles something terrible. Dealer states they cannot find the source.

Loud click when changing from defrost to panel air.

Air conditioning does not cool very well.

General Comments:

It wouldn't be a bad car if the dealer could fix all the little problems.

I bought a sporty car after having a Ford Explorer and the Monte Carlo SS is fun to drive.

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Review Date: 15th April, 2003

2000 Chevrolet Monte Carlo LS 3.4 from North America


An accident waiting to happen


Problem 1: Brake rotors needed to be turned a week after I purchased the car due to shuttering when the brakes were applied.

Problem 2: A clunking noise could be heard and felt making slow speed left turns. Mid steering shaft needed to be replaced at 27,500.

Problem 3: Clicking sound coming from under the car. Engine cradle had to be replaced at 28,500.

Problem 4: A lot of noise in the transmission when accelerating slowly in wet conditions. Told this was normal by dealership. This problem still occurs.

Problem 5: Tie rod end had to be replaced at 37,000. This cost approximately $250 including labor and parts.

Problem 6: Brake rotors again needed to be turned at 37,000 due to excessive shuttering during braking. This cost approx. $60.

Problem 7: Clicking sound returned from under the car at 45,000. Assuming it is engine cradle again.

Problem 8: Given up on fixing brake rotors at 45,000. Will have to live with the shuttering until I can find quality ones from an after-market dealer.

Problem 9: Random non-starts since 30,000; turning the ignition and the car's starter just spinning, but never starting the engine. This problem is progressively getting worse.

Problem 10: Car has developed a habit of "shifting" around in the road at 55,000 during hard acceleration. The cause of this problem is unknown.

Problem 11: "Low Tire Pressure" light comes on at will and has done so since 35,000. Given up on determining the cause.

Problem 12: Left, rear speaker developed a random rattle at 30,000. Dealer could never find the problem and did not replace the speaker, but was told I could have a new speaker installed for $120 to stop the problem. Now it rattles constantly at anything over mid-volume.

Problem 13: Suspension has gotten progressively worse in the past year. Since approx. 36,000, the car has gone from riding like a large car to a small one.

General Comments:

Due to my state's law, I could not "Lemon" this car or it would have been gone long ago. I was told by the dealer that they would do nothing other than trade-in my car at a substantial loss and sell a new car to me. This new car would not have been my choice, but their's since they only dealt in Dodge products.

All of the miles since 24,680 have been highway miles other than the occasional trip to the store. These problems, especially the brakes, should not be occurring on a car that rarely sees city, "stop and go" traffic.

All of the problems listed are real. I was a full supporter of anything made in the US before I purchased this car. Now, I am looking for a foreign car.

Problems abound in this car. If you plan on doing a lot of the repairs yourself, then you may be able to save a lot of money by buying a used one. If you buy new, be sure to trade it in at 36,000 but be warned, the trade-in value of these cars is next to nothing.

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Review Date: 9th March, 2003

21st Mar 2003, 14:53


I see that you are, or were having the same troubles that I was out of my rotors. I have a 2002 Chevrolet Monte Carlo SS. At 7,500 miles my rotors had to be machined. At 11,000 miles they were once again worn out, and I simply replaced them. I Highly recommend a set of "Power Slotted" Front and Rear rotors. The set that I purchased cost around $400 from 3800 Performance. But this included caliper paint and shipping cost. So far, I've yet to have any further problems out of my set up. :) Good luck!