21st Jun 2006, 03:21

Answer: The biggest saloon I can think of is your typical police cruiser in the states - the Chevy Lumina, but I don't think Chevy Malaysia is offering it anymore.

Jeeps used to be sold here by MBF, but they went out of business. They are still available in the used vehicle market and so are Chevy Blazers etc. Have not seen any GM trucks, but actually have caught sight of an odd Firebird and Camaro (probably imports).

I think the main reasons are

1. Government protection of the national car Proton via hefty 300% tax markups on other brands. We are also being forced to pay higher than normal prices for our crappy national car so that Proton can subsidise better quality export versions which are sold cheaply overseas such as in the UK to "increase world market share" - ptui! Yes we are a bunch of exploited consumers over here.

2. Maintenance cost for parts - not really an issue as they can be sourced from another Left Hand Drive country, Australia, but because of No. 1 above it is an issue.

3. Road tax (which is based on CCs) - in the States there is no such thing as road tax so you can buy a mammoth 10 litre monster truck plus you only have to buy/renew your license plate, but here the biggger is the CC of your vehicle, the bigger is your pain. A 4 litre vehicle can eat up thousands in road tax annually. I think road users here should revolt and force the govt to do away with road tax, as almost all our roads now are toll roads.

4. Fuel price - enough said.

15th Aug 2008, 10:18

Big American cars will not be popular anyway... they only sell well in America anyway...

22nd May 2009, 02:27

From car lover.

American cars not popular in m'sia, but I think the quality is way better than Japanese cars.

Admire the Mustang GT.

29th Nov 2009, 02:07

I think it is crazy for our government to impose things such as road tax cause it is ridiculous. Our cars and bikes are already depreciating, and it's sort of liability on us. I think just getting insurance should be enough.

About the cars, well all they are trying to do is to support our national cars, which I think are too deep in the hole. The quality is really bad, at times it feels like we are driving junk around. They should just close it and call it a day instead of making us finance the losses, or let it survive by making it more competitive in the market by opening the market.

I personally owned a few of our national cars, and I felt like it was a piece of crap. Now I'm a happy owner of a Toyota; the quality is good and the maintenance is not too expensive.

29th Nov 2009, 16:09

This car is no more American than apple pie being a Korean staple. It is a piece of crap made by Daewoo Motors of Korea, which went bankrupt and was bought over by a consortium led by GM, which then proceeded to re-badge the models under various brands such as Chevrolet, Suzuki, Buick, Pontiac, Holden and what not.

As Shakespeare once wrote, "A rose by any other name...", though in this case, it should be a case of calling a spade a spade.