2005 Chevrolet Nabira 1.8 from Malaysia


A good car with safety, comfort and power for a family of 7


The only serious problem is when I got the car, 2 months later the power steering was not working. And I only manage to change it 2 months later due to no stock available.

General Comments:

Solid build, stable, low fuel consumption on long distance drives.

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Review Date: 4th June, 2008

2005 Chevrolet Nabira sports 1.8 from Malaysia


Timing belt bearing & water pump faulty after 8000KM, same problem next 1000KM after replaced with new parts by service centre. This problem will slow down the speed & decrease the power, example I can speeding 160km/h at 4000rpm in normal condition, but I only can speeding 157km/h at 4000rpm when the parts faulty. That's means fuel consumption going slightly high when travel long journey & seems like most of the Nabira in malaysia will have this problem.

General Comments:

I was very confident with this car from the first day when I get this car, it was very perfect in performance compared with my previous Nissan Sentra. But now I have meet faulty on timing belt bearing & water pump, I decided to change my car before end of warranty period. Because if this faulty is keep going on, we imagine we need to pay very expensive repair cost for the parts & labour cost after warranty period. I hope that will receive any review from Nabira owner for the same faulty with my car. Thanks.

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Review Date: 19th December, 2005

2004 Chevrolet Nabira 1.8 from Malaysia


Good car for its class


Brake pads worn out ~30000km.

Coin box is faulty now.

Engine timing was out 2 months after owing (rectified).

The horn pad on the steering wheel is bubbling up.

The middle air-cond grille paint came off.

General Comments:

The brake pads have worn out???!!! Sent my car this morning for the 30K KM servicing was told that both the front and back brake pads need to change. Will cost us (ORIGINAL EQUIP: Front RM600+Back RM400, OEM: Front RM400+Back RM300)

I'm curios and baffled. This is like to early compared from my past experience in having to change my brake pads.

Does anyone knows what is the spec on the brake pads? Should it wear out on average at this distance?

This is a good car, it's just that I believe some of the parts are inferior. GOOD RESPONSIVE ENGINE, thought it is sounding a bit rough now.

About 2 months owing the car, the engine timing belt starts to give out noise. Was told that it is the normal complaint from buyers of Nabira. Problem was rectified.

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Review Date: 28th October, 2005

19th Dec 2005, 22:51

Hi, I have read your comment about timing belt noise after 8000km. My car also have this faulty on Timing belt bearing & water pump, this was repaired by service centre under warranty. But the same problem again next 1000km after repaired, heard from service centre most of the Nabira owner has this problem even after repaired. Think you should double check with service centre again, welcome your opinion on my comment.

2005 Chevrolet Nabira Sports 1.8 from Malaysia


A regret


Power steering pump was faulty the day I got the car.

After repairing the power steering pump, the alignment and balancing are still imperfect.

Driver's power window squeaks.

Brakes squeak.

General Comments:

In addition to the above, the poorest among all is the service be it from the sales-dealer or the service center.

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Review Date: 16th September, 2005

3rd Nov 2005, 21:28

Hello all Malaysian owners of Chevrolet and other American cars.

I have a question. You only seem to be able to buy Nabiras, Optras and small car models of Chevrolet and other American car makers. Can you buy pick-up trucks, muscle cars and big saloons in Malaysia and where? Stupid question, but I'm wondering...

2005 Chevrolet Nabira cd sport 1.8 from Malaysia


Practical and Intelligent MPV


*No indicator given when one of the doors are not properly shut.

*The window at the driver's side sometimes gave a squeaking sound when winding it down.

General Comments:

This car is very easy to handle and very relaxing during long journey and the "S" button is very very helpful when overtaking.

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Review Date: 10th April, 2005

11th Mar 2009, 21:46

I want to know what does the spanner indicator mean?