1978 Chevrolet Nova bored over 350 (365) from North America


Its the best car for me


I'm restoring everything on this car.

My carpet, seats, side panels, front end, evrything. (Everything that you can take off that car, its out.)

General Comments:

This car is probably one of the best cars to work on. Restoring I mean.

A Chevy V8 is being re-put in the car. I bought it without an engine and transmission.

The V8 is the one of the most reliable engines made. (350)

If you have a pretty descent cash flow, and some time here and there. You can restore this car in less than a year. I mean fully restore it.

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Review Date: 12th April, 2005

1978 Chevrolet Nova 250 inline 6 from North America


Good basic transportation


Just replaced brakes on it and the springs sagged due to age. They do rust if driven in the winter.

General Comments:

You will not kill the 250 inline 6, one of the most reliable engines ever built. They are basically bullet proof. The power was adaquate for basic transportation and the gas mileage was about 18-20mpg.

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Review Date: 2nd January, 2005

1978 Chevrolet Nova Inline 6-cylinder from North America


It is a 100% authentic classic car


This car has been sitting in a garage since 1981. I have yet to see what problems there are in store for me. Initial comments are that the interior is flawless, the engine is immaculate, and the exterior is extremely dirty, but has practically no rust. There is some slight damage to the front passenger side quarter panel and headlight bucket.

General Comments:

This will be my first "fixer upper" because I do not think there is going to be a lot to do.

The car was my Great Uncle's who has lived in a retirement home for the last 24 years. I saved the car from the junk yard by convincing my parents that there is nothing wrong with it and it is in great shape.

I have a friend of mine who rebuilds Corvettes who is going to help me get it running again, but the clean-up work is all up to me.

I still have all the original documentation, including the sales receipt and a lifetime warranty on the muffler. My uncle even kept track of mileage, however, it only has 6600 miles on it so there is only one 3x5 card of information.

Some bonuses are that neither the back seat nor the trunk have ever been used. I am excited about getting this vehicle and driving it. I am into authentic items and you cannot get much more authentic than this 1978 Nova.

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Review Date: 18th October, 2004

7th Feb 2009, 13:50

I own a 1977 Nova (2 dr) It is in the final stages of ground up restoration. Looking forward to driving it again. This car even has command start. Great car. It is reliable and low maintenance.

1978 Chevrolet Nova 5.0L 305 V8 from North America


The car is very fun and powerful


Choke sticks a lot in the winter.

Short in the wires.

Takes a long time to warm up.

General Comments:

This is one of the funnest cars I have every drove. It can run very good for the small engine in it. Very safe car.

It handles really well. If you want to spin the tires you car very easy. Nice and comfy bench seats. This car will last a very long time if token good care of.

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Review Date: 9th February, 2003

1978 Chevrolet Nova 250 cu. in. Inline 6 from North America


A solid, dependable, classic car that has not received its recognition yet


Heater core blew on Interstate 40.

A/C needed repair and change to r134 when I bought it. Cost: $1000.

Valve tap.

Seats ripped.

General Comments:

Even thought its only a six cylinder, it has a great amount of power. Passing on the Interstate is no problem. The car rides very well and handles great for being 24 years old.

It does need the interior repaired and some rust has begun to creep in (it is a steel car).

Overall, the Nova has served me very well, but I am buying another car so I can completely restore the Nova. I estimate the repairs should take me about 1 year to totally complete.

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Review Date: 13th April, 2002

21st May 2003, 07:50

UPDATE: 5/21/03

I almost sold the Nova, but have since changed my mind. I now have plans to restore the entire car late this fall. since I last wrote, the car has developed no new problems except the "brand new" A/C system quit. I have replaced the ripped bench with buckets from a 1987 S10 Blazer, and they work quite nicely. For this restoration, I will be hoping to replace the engine, most likely with a similar 6 cyl (appropriately hot rodded), and other necessary repairs. thanks for checking my car out.